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  1. Hello all! Been a few days without internet here, but that translates into more time for modeling! Rick01, Thanks for the link, great pictures of a beautiful model. And probably a great book too. Regarding a traveler, looking at the pictures in that link, that is the way the travelers was rigged. I think I'll follow the Instructions more or less as they are, and rig without a traveler. The weatherforecast came true, with lots of rain and indoor time. 😆 So quite a bit has been done on the model. I've got the caprails painted and mounted. When dryfitting the transom I was not happy with the way it fit, so I glued on a strip of wood to the bottom to make it a little higher, and that made it fit much better. I've made the rudder fittings and fitted the rudder. I've fitted the "thingys" on the bow, don't know the english word for these... I've made the caprail(?) for the dinghy. I ended up laminating this from mahogany to get the right shape. And painted the interior white. Here one side is glued and sanded, the other waiting to be glued.. So, all in all a pretty productive weekend. Looking forward to start rigging. Gaffrig.
  2. Hello all! Sorry for the long abscense, but we've had a couple of weeks of absolutely beautiful summer weather! So sailing and playing with fullsize boats has been enjoyed! Now there's a weekend of heavy rain forecast, so great modeling weather on the horizon! Rick01, Thanks for all the tips. they are much appreciated. About the rigging plan, it seems to be much simplified in many places. Single blocks on foresail halyards is one example.. I would think that the bowsprit in a vessel this size would be retractable and the tackles on the bobstay and sidestays also suggests this. Both of the jibs however is hanked on, and this would mean that no in/outhaul would be fitted. In/outhaul is normally used when the sail is set flying with or without stay. This is just my own (limited) knowledge of how it is done on boats I have sailed on. When it comes to books, I don't have any specific ones regarding vessels from this era, but I do have some more general ones. I think I'm going to build/rig this more or less as the plans show, even though this is not completely accurate. Also many thanks to all others for liking and commenting! It is very much appreciated and very motivating! Not much progress lately because of sailing, but some has been done. Glued on the rubrails and I made the mistake of gluing the top one first, which made clamping the lower one difficult. Did this lower one first on the other side! Also glued on the trim(?) along deck inside the bulwarks. I've also prepped the caprails with glueing on a thin strip on either side to hide the plywood endgrain and make them a little wider, as they barely cover the top of the bulwarks as is. Next up is to get them painted and mounted so I can mount the transom. That's it for now! Stay safe! Gaffrig.
  3. Hello to all. Been away sailing for a while, gotta play a little with the big boats too! Have been back at it for a couple of days and here's a little update. Rick01, I like your beefed up davits, they look great! Definetly something I'll copy when I get there if you don't mind. Your version of the forward pinrail looks great too! Something to think about. I've been thinking about the anchorcable, and maybe it would work to make a horisontal capstan on the bollards/bitts that holds the bowsprit? Might be tight between that and the forward companionway though. Rick01, you mention the bowsprit, here's how I did that. In between different coats of paint I have made the bowsprit. The kit supplies a 8mm round dowel that is supposed to be formed into a 8x8mm octagon... There's an interesting task for you! 🤣😂 I ended up sanding it square and glueing on pieces of 0,5x3mm mahogany from the Bluenose deck I'm not using. Then sanding "between" the square to get the octagonal shape. This turned out good enough. After sanding.. And painting.. For shaping the rest of the bowsprit I used a small planer first, and then put the whole thing in a battery drill and sanded it smooth. Finished it of with linseed oil. Also made a new fitting for the tip. I've soaked and shaped the rubrails, and started painting them I've masked and painted the black stripes, and cleaned up and painted the insides of the gunports. Still need a little "cleanup" here and there, but all in all I'm happy with the result. Gaffrig.
  4. Rick01, That’s something I am afraid might happen. Also getting the correct length on the rubrails to fit between the stem and transom. I think it will be easier to fit all the rubrails and the caprails, and then cut them of and sand to make the transom fit snugly against them all. Gaffrig.
  5. Hello all! Getting settled on my new workbench, the work continues on Le Renard. I have cleaned up the gun ports using a square file, and I have finished painting above and below the waterline. I have used acrylic paint for this. The skylights/deckhouses are getting close to finished also. I have also shaped the rudder and drilled the hole to fit through. I want to finish the rudder, caprail and rubrails before glueing on the transom. This is a different order of things than the instructions call for, but I think it will be easier. That's todays update. More to come.. Must say I really enjoy having more space to work on. Gaffrig
  6. I’ll tell you, I’m well on my way to clutter it up! 😆
  7. Hello to all. Rick01, thanks for the links, lots of good information there. Great modifications to the catheads's. The illustration you have shows how they should look. Regarding the binnacle, I agree with you regarding the glass, but it could be that the replica has removable lids to hide modern navigation electronics. They probably have a magnetic compass too somewhere though. About the caprails, I did a dryfit, and they barely cover the thickness of the bulwarks, so I think I'll glue on a strip on either side to make it a little wider and to hide the plywood edge. This will hopefully give the little ledge needed to fit the forward pinrail. Thanks for all the tips! My 3mm blocks for the gun rigging arrived yesterday, so that's something to start soon! Your model looks great, keep up the good work! 👍 As to my build, it has not been done as much lately as I had hoped. I decided it was time to take some action regarding my shipyard status... I have been home alone this past week, and me and the cats agreed that a new building table was in order. 😎 My previous shipyard, a total mess floating out on the floor due to lack of tablespace.. Some drastic measures are needed! So I took a trip to the local lumberyard and got some woodfibre board (don't know the correct english word for this) and some wood for framing and legs and got to work. Decided to make some shelves.. And a couple of coats of paint.. Used regular floorpaint for this. Added some decent lighting and all the "stuff" Must say I'm very pleased with the result. Made a dedicated space for hanging drawings. Still need to make a few more shelves and a better support for the big shelf over the windows, but I ran out of materials. Some work has been done on Le Renard too, I've painted the bottom and started painting the topsides, but no pictures of this as this has been done in between building the new "shipyard"! All the best, Thanks for all the comments and likes! Gaffrig.
  8. That’s good! But I’m afraid I’m a lost cause! 😂
  9. Sooo.. This package arrived today.. I didn't... I mean.. There was a sale.. You know?... 40 % off they said... And shipping one or two is the same cost... 😆 Look's like the "add-to-cartism" struck again! I guess it's time to order that appointment at the doctor now! Gaffrig.
  10. Hello all! Rick01, the carronades look great. I tried making up a tackle but as you say, the supplied blocks are a little to big. It doesn't look very good in the instructions either. 3mm blocks is ordered! The extra cannon, is that something you add just because you want to? or is there some source you found that says it should be there? Tompslattery, in my kit there was two lasercut pieces glued on top of eachother to make up the gun sled. Then a small PE brass bracket to hold the gun barrel. It seems your kit is an older version. The hull is getting ready for some paint shortly. A little more filler and sanding has been done. Marking the waterline.. Masked and ready for paint below the waterline. The dinghy has been removed from the jig, and is ready to be finished inside. And after sanding of the frametops.. I'm happy with the way the sheer of the boat turned out. It was very straight as the jig was before modification. That's it for now. Gaffrig.
  11. Hello to all! Rick01, Thanks for the tip. It seems I have done the same as you, and a couple of the carronades need a little adjusting before mounting.. Tompslattery, Thank you! After mounting the inner bulwarks, they stiffened up quite nice, and I'm no longer as nervous for breaking them when handling the model. I have now sanded and filled and sanded and filled to get the hull as smooth and true as possible. So, I gave the hull a coat of primer, to see the places I need to fill and sand some more... Still some to do, but I'm sure I'll get there soon! The dinghy has got it's sheerstrakes and a little varnish. Soon to be released from the jig. I decided to use mahogany for the sheerstrakes too. That's it for now. Gaffrig.
  12. The build continues... Next step is the inside of the bulwarks. Another strip of plywood goes on the inside of the first one. I really like the new keel clamper! Before glueing this in place, I need to mark and cut out the gunports. I dryfitted the inner bulwarks with clamps, and marked the gunports with a pencil and cut them out with a scalpel. I made the cuts a little small, to have some material for adjusting after glueing. Then some yellow paint, and they are ready to be mounted. I glued them on, one side at a time. Not enough clamps to do both sides at once! I also made some more progress on the dinghy. Got the primer sanded and some white paint on it. It's coming together, next up will be the sheerstrake and then time to cut it loose from the jig. It will be fun to see how it will look inside! Thank's for the comments and likes! Gaffrig.
  13. Well... I guess treatment is needed when ordering styrofoam from Italy! 😂 I might have to take you up on that offer! I know what you mean.. I heard a mayday call from HMS Visa a while back. Noone has seen or heard anything since.. 😂
  14. Wow! That looks great! Yes, it appears that the two benches fore and aft of the main hatch are lifebelt boxes on the replica. there is also what seems to be ventilation «ducts» on either side of the main and fore companionways. I think these can be omitted for the better. Gaffrig.
  15. Finally! The long awaited package from Italy has arrived... Hopefully containing the deck materials for my Bluenose and some other goodies... 😎 Hmmm.. 🤔 After some digging in the styrofoam.. Voila! More than I remembered ordering! I think I got a touch of that contagious "add-to-cartism"! I guess shopoholic and shipoholic is closely related! 😆 Anyway, lots of new toys and projects for the winter. It makes me feel good to have a couple of kits "on the shelf"! I'm a happy modeller today! Cheers, Gaffrig.
  16. Hi all! Just a small update today.. With the keel, stem and sternpost mounted, I planked the transom with the same 0.5x4mm materials that I used on the deck. I used the gorilla wood glue for this. After cutting of the excess material and some sanding... Starting to look more and more like a boat! Also got some primer on the dinghy. Those brushstrokes really show up in the pictures! I guess some sanding is in order before painting! Thanks to everyone for stopping by and reading my log. Also for taking the time to comment and like! It is really appreciated! Gaffrig.
  17. Just recieved a couple of shipyard «helpers»! I’m sure they will volunteer to help with rigging!
  18. Thank you! I was a little worried during the planking, but it sanded out pretty good. Gaffrig.
  19. Thank you! I had to think a little about how to do the clamping. It worked great with rubberbands. Gaffrig.
  20. Hello all! Been away at a holiday for a week, but now I'm back at it! Tompslattery, Thank you. Yes the brass parts look nice. The gun sleds are just two lasercut plywood parts glued on top of each other. I was looking through your buildlog and it looks like you have an older version of the kit. Great work on it, your model is coming along nicely! 👍 Rick01, Thanks for the tip. I did use a drill to line up the holes. I used a brass wire for the bars instead of the steel supplied. I left this untreated. But the trick with heating is a good one! I've decided to leave the transom and the "bench" in the stern off until I fit the caprails, rubrails and rudder. I think this approach will be easier than following the sequence in the instructions. After sanding the hull, I prepared to fit the keel, stem and sternpost. This meant cutting a groove in the bow and opening up between the garboard planks to make the pieces fit in. First the keel.. And then the stem. I used a razor saw and a scalpel with a new blade to do this. I found it a little tricky to get it straight and nice but it ended up ok. I think it would have been easier to fit the stem and keel before planking, and make a rabbet to fit the planks in. With the keel, stem and sternpost dryfitted I glued it all in place. So, when the glue dries, more sanding, some filler and more sanding! 🙂 I've also made some progress on the dinghy, finishing the hull planking. My little changes to the sheer and transom made it so the lasercut keel/stem piece didn't fit. So I made a new one out of some scrapwood I had lying around. And after some shaping... A bit more sanding and some paint, I think it will look good! That's it for now! Gaffrig.
  21. Thank you for your kind comment. This model has only one layer of planking, so I tried to make it as nice as I could! It’s been a little tricky at times, since the planking is 2mm thick. But with soaking and heating and patience I got there in the end! Gaffrig.
  22. So, now that the whiskey and glue has dried, time for some sanding! Done on one side. Sanded first with 120 grit and then 240 grit. Sitting out on the porch for this.. Both sides sanded. Looks pretty good, if I may say so myself! I wanted to do most of the sanding before attaching the keel, stem and sternpost. These are up next, and then a little filler before the final sanding with 320 grit or so. Gaffrig.
  23. I like the irish whiskey and folk music too! The Admiral and I spent last summer sailing the westcoast of Ireland. Really enjoyable! Lots of folkmusic and whiskey! And beer!
  24. Hello everyone. The planking of my Le Renard build is now finished! The gap for the last plank on one side ended up at 6mm and the planks beeing only 5mm this presented a small challenge. I ended up gluing two planks together and that way I could make the plank to fit nicely. That's it! The whiskyplank is in! 🤪😝👍 Now time to sand when the glue (and whiskey) dries.. Work on the dinghy continues, and it seems like I will end up with the same amount of planks from stem to stern. Here I have sanded lightly to see how it will look when finished, and so far I'm pleased with the result! That's it for now. Gaffrig.
  25. The strangest thing has happened... We've had several days of clear blue sky and warm weather! 😎 How enjoyable as this may be, it does cut into the time spent at the building table... The good thing is that the time not spent at the buildtable is spent aboard the 1:1 scale pilotcutter! Nice to get some work done there too. Some progress has been made though, the planking continues and is close to finished. The planking has started on the dinghy. A few more planks, and I'm ready to start sanding. There is a few dumps and humps, but hopefully it will sand out smooth. If not, then I have a can of woodfiller! The dinghy was (According to the instructions) to be planked with the same 4mm x 0,6mm material as the deck. I found this to be a little wide for such a small boat, so i decided to use the 0,7mm x 3mm mahogany that I'm not using for the bluenose. I tapered the planks "by eye" and felt my way as I went. The planks were then soaked and dried to shape on the jig. Once the planks had dried, I glued them on with CA glue. It shall be interesting to see how I end up with my "tapering by the eye" approach! That's it for now! Gaffrig.

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