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  1. I made something with Polaris and now she is closer to the end. As I decided I modified some parts of kit to customize her look. I added amunition in storages on deck and 2mm bearing balls work nice as immitation of cannon balls. Anchor lift made from few pieces of wood which remained from tapering of masts and planking. I always collect such materials as they always can be usefull without need for awaiting of delivery of wood from hobby shop. Deck was too empty in bow area so I must improvised something. I wonder about her armament? 4 bigger long guns, 6 medium l
  2. From the update I made deck and planked the hull. So far many work for sanding the hull but I think I'm at good direction towards finishing of the first layer. In gunwales I cut 5 gunports per side. There will be two more gunports in rear. I collected some armaments of various producents and size. Carronades looks too much out of scale and maybe they could be placed on some ship of the line but not schooner. Correct me if I'm wrong. This 28mm guns looks stunning with all ornaments and I'm still didn't decided did I use them on
  3. I made some tanks and planes beyond ships. Old photos from 2018 as I remember but rather nothing more was added beyond Chi-Ha in PLA variant. From tanks I very like unusual or not very popular vechicles. Mostly tanks of IJA/IJN and YPA. This figures are Tamiya 1/35 DAK crews transformed into YPA partisans. From years I plan some diorama of "tank factory" in Sibenic but so far kitbash of M3A3 SiG 150mm SPG ( as another hybrid Stuart made in real world as single vechicle ) is in progres from 3 years. Ki-45 Toryu as one of very few planes which I made and which survived to this day - she has this
  4. Thank you! This kit seems for me as very good base for various modifications so any changes I think should be justicable especially when for me this deck seems just empty but it's only my opinion and it's not any form of critique this kit as kits for beginners should be easy and very understantable. This kit so far is very understandable. Yes, the deadeyes and blocks made from plastic didn't seems too realistic and I'm also thinking about replacing them. Deadeyes are mostly covered by ropes but blocks looks artifically. I'm not sure did I'm skilled enough to
  5. Hello, after finishing Le Renard I decided to make my own version of popular Occre's Polaris schooner. Kit is really wonderful and allows for many modifications as for my information didn't represents any real ship but it's just more a generic schooner. Very cute schooner what should be added. My plan is as follow: - arming her with at least 10 guns with maybe 2 stern chase guns although I will must to modify her stern for gunports ( not many space for two guns ) Polaris is bigger than HMS Pickle which was armed with 8 carronades so 10-12 guns with slightly lower weight shoul
  6. Thank you! Thank you! Le Renard now will sit in her berth on commode in dinning room as households shows too many interesting to her. I'll probably make plexi case for her. About next model definitely it will be Occre Polaris with conversion into topsail schooner ( I think it will be rather easy to make as I want very badly to make own sail ) and other modifications as Polaris looks rather empty on deck and at least for me she has great potential for adding of many things due to her generic design ( dinghy, 8-10 cannons I think can be logical on vessel of such s
  7. Le Renard today has been commisioned into fleet and on her mast has been raised naval jack. Vive L'Empereur! During finishing of work due to my lack of attention I made stain of CA on Spanker Sail. As it was visible mainly from sarboard I improvised and mounted Pirate Flag on this place. Maybe this sail now it looks funny, maybe a little infantylish but definitely makes own charm Personally I dubt that XIX century privateers could use this flag although I can be wrong. Finnaly I rigged rest of 4 Pounder guns, I didn't mount all belaying pins as wooden elements were ver
  8. Some of running rigging has been arranged as same as ratlines. I was afraid to make them in such size but I think they are not bad for the first time. Some parts of the running rigging were really challenging although instruction was definitely much better than in previous models which I build. Mounting yard to the mast was real problem as photos were not very informative for this case but again Ship modeling simplified was great help. Now only main yard remained although in kit it was never in my box so I wait for courier tomorrow and then
  9. Postman finnaly came to me with very nice letter. From quick look seems it will be interesting lecture as I have some boats of bigger sailing ships in modeller stock.
  10. I started standing rigging and I think majority is done. I done upper ratlines as first as I was really afraid for this, so far simple ruler do the trick. With both ratlines I use rather milimmetric paper. I connected deadeyes with chainplates, channel and lanyards. It wasn't easy as I done this first time ( this for sure was one of main reasons why I was afraid of sailing ships models ) but somehow I done this. This is fighting ship so finnaly I mounted pewpewers, which I painted in Humbrol gunmetal. Now time for finishing ra
  11. Languages are interesting and it's always nice to read something which widens knowledge. Now I know word shipshape. Thank you! History of Polish Navy mainly during Royal times was more or less connected with German language due to Hanseatic city of Gdańsk/Danzig. Galleons and fluites of Polish Royal Navy which fought during Polish-Swedish War and Thirty Years War ( as part of contingent sent by king Sigismund III Vasa for Catholic League ) in all official documents made by Royal officials after Battle of Oliwa had German names ( Polish translation names are more or less reconstruct
  12. I'm from Poland. I'm sure for 90% that this word must come from german language as some other maritime terms in polish language seems to come from german although I can be wrong. It means order on ship/tidyness on ship which one of part it's coil of ropes to allow fast usage and preventing from stumble.
  13. Another update on the work. Hull is almost finished beyond few smaller fixings and some sanding. I installed bowsprit and started to mount blocks on main mast. Strips 1,5x1,5 mm used as thin strips on hull sides after soaking in water started to peel which it's annoying. PVA gives little help with this. I made gun carriages for 8 pounder carronades and 4 pound guns and rigged them with anti recoil systems of blocks and ropes. Carronades were rigged as instruction shows but long guns were made how Frank Mastini showed in his Ship modelling simplified. It was definitely
  14. Time for weekly update of work. Port side has been planked, I planked keel and started stem and stern post as same as majority of gunwales. Few planks in linden wood didn't went well ( I was thinking that sanding and putty do the trick but it wasn't ) so I made decorative belt from cherry to partially mask them. After more sanding and adding some more elements I think it will look ok. I decided to mount metal made portholes. They have this nice expensive look when mounted ( dry fit ) Anyway as I decided to not go into 100% accuracy I think some of Baroque look of my Le Renard didn'
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