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  1. Some progress made on the decking. I put in a nibble plank and unfortunately tried my hand at it. I totally got it wrong for the first few but then after some researching I understand how it should be done, lesson learned. Here's the wrong way to nibble a plank . .... and here's me getting better at it. For the poop deck I decided to use the same scaling as the main deck. Check it out. Here's my progress to date: I used a black felt tip marker to simulate the tarred horse hair between joints. That's all folks!🐷
  2. Here is a picture of my deck layout with markings. I am using a 4 run repeatable design for the main deck and a 3 run design for the poop deck. Check it out. In this image the Poop deck has a 4 run design, looks to busy. Here's the poop deck with the 3 run design. I divided the original board length of 72mm by 5 for the Poop deck. The Poop deck is about 1/5 the size of the main deck. Also changed the shift from 3mm to 5mm for the poop deck. 3mm was to small. What do you think, do the board lengths still look to busy?
  3. Starting the decking.. First I layed out all the decking planks I had in the kit. Turns out their is barely enough to do the job. I guess I better not make a mistake. 😁 Decided on the deck layout I want to use. For scale purposes each maked board would represent 12 foot. This equates to 72mm. The shift for each plank will be 5 feet, which turns out to 14mm. I rounded all the numbers up. My deck design uses a nibble strake on the outer edge. This will assist in the merging of the other planks as they reach the edges, at least I hope so. πŸ˜„
  4. It looks like my next steps are to : 1.) Sand off the excess decking 2.) Cut deck boards to size 3.) Determine the deck layout I want. Not a fan of what the picture on the box shows 4.) ... and something about treenails? Have to look up why they use that name. 5.) maybe varnish the deck, is it to early in the build to do that? Looking at my last work , I see the starboard side poop deck has to much curvature in it. πŸ™„ Hoping this gets covered up with the planking.
  5. Remodel almost complete πŸ‘. Still work to be done but I was also able to do a little work on the model, and I mean little. Basically, glued the poop deck on. I decided to go with option 2 in the above post. Hope that's the right decision. Here's some pics .....
  6. Have the false deck nailed and glued down. It will require sanding to fit the hull. The poop deck is causing some issues. 1.) Not sure how the deck should lay: 1. flat back to front and side to side 2. high in the middle with sloping sides to port and starboard sides and higher in the stern sloping down towards the main deck. 3. high in the middle with sloping sides to port and starboard sides and no slope coming from the stern 4. also not sure how much of the overlap will need trimming I'll try to post some pics later. Currently remodeling the man cave.
  7. Question to the administrators, Do these web pages automatically rollover to a new page at so point OR am I supposed to do something to make that happen? Thanks, Rowboat
  8. I too had an old version of Photoshop, unfortunately Windows upgraded faster than I wanted to upgrade Photoshop. Now that I'm working with images again I'll start looking for some software. I like buying a hard copy, none of that stuff where they keep it on the cloud or have it as a service (ie.. you pay a fee). Just give me a hard copy that does not require an internet connection. Had some apple games on their cloud but lost them a few years back and no chance of getting them back. I don't like the term "cloud" as we are talking about storage devices, hard drives in a building somewhere. That's it . Nothing special. Just a marketing term. I have a cloud on my desktop, laptop, phone... lol.πŸ˜„ Sorry, I got off topic. Thanks for the info.
  9. Took some time today to work on straightening the hull. All the supports ended up going only on the starboard side. I wonder if my ship will list now πŸ˜€ Check it out. Verify with a straight edge. Also worked on fitting the stern filler. Not sure if the plans on this build called for bow and stern fillers but I put them in as a learning experience. Here's the stern filler. And after some sanding.... Now that i have a straight hull I'm ready to start beveling the bulk heads. Doing this before putting on the false deck and keel parts will make the sanding job easier, I hope. This is where I have to start bending and fitting the strakes ( new building terminology I just learned). A strake is a course of the planking or plating of the hull of a vessel, just in case I forget the meaning in a few weeks. I've been forgetting stuff as I get older and just taking longer to remember.🀨 Learning a new song on the guitar, that's one of my ways to keep the brain in training. Well, I guess that's another thing I do as I get older, diverge topics. Now what was I talking about ..... ..... ah yes, .... No gluing yet, just trying to see how they will fit against my beveling. Now where did I put that wood file ......... πŸ™„
  10. Thanks for the information.πŸ‘ The photo software is whatever came with the camera, a Sony camera. Your next suggestion of adding battens is spot on. I just completed that task today and it straighten the hull. I do have a drill press but was to lazy to use it ☹️. We live and we learn.
  11. Morning from California. Nothing new to report just had a question. In my signature section I tried to add some HTML code but it does not display correctly, the "<>" are converted to their text version. Anyone know how adding html code is supposed to work? Eventually I just used the "link" icon and added links for the images of my ships. Thanks
  12. I discussed earlier that the bulkhead ends were protruding into and over the bearding line. I do think I am still going to trim them back, though I have seen a model where they just didn't use a rabbet joint. Since this is a learning experience, I decided to try out the rabbet joint. Gluing the bottom keel parts may be an issue as I've whittled away about an 1/8 inch on each side of the main keel which the bulkheads attach to. In the pic below you can see the bulkheads protruding into the rabbet joint. I have a question, are my images to large and distracting? I don't change the original image size from the camera but I think i can. I like the large images as one can zoom into them for a detail look. Before I start any decking work I'll need to fair the bulkhead tops so the false deck fits better. Also once I glued in the bulkheads, the frame reverted back to it's original bend.😠 I planned on using the false deck to resolve the issue, but that may not be enough.
  13. Good Morning World! Made a little progress on the build. Glued in the bow fillers and one false deck bulkhead top. In the picture below you can see the bulkhead top clamped in place. Just made the top follow the other bulkhead tops. I'll be nailing and gluing down the false deck. In the following picture I just rubber banded it in place to see how "fair" it is. One thing i did was draw the outline of the bulkhead frame on the bottom of the deck. Then I drilled holes using the outline as a guide. The nails are tiny 0.58 mm, and the drill bit is tinier 0.37mm. I broke two bits before I finished. Here's the underside of the deck. You can see the drill holes if you enlarge the image. Here's some pics of me taking measurements. The hole size 0.37mm is a bit tight for the nail. The next size up was 0.54mm but that was to loose. Like I said, I broke 2 of these bits. I tried drilling with a support block under the holes, but if the bit did not come out exactly as it went in then it snapped. I have a broken tip somewhere in the carpet πŸ—‘οΈ, that's go'in to hurt if I step on it. Once I removed the support and just drilled through the decking I managed fine, still having to be very careful. Luckily, I'm replacing the carpet with wood laminate flooring in a few weeks.
  14. I noticed that some users have an area on their posts where they post there builds. EX: Current Build; some model Previous Builds: other models It seems to be a separate area from the normal text area. If someone can offer some guidance it's appreciated.
  15. Thanks for the info Jonathan11. Thank you guys for the Birthday posts. Not to many birthdays I consider memorable but the big "6" "0" is to me. To celebrate I ordered the Byrnes 4" Table Saw , with all the works. Supposed to have shipped Monday.πŸ˜€ Happy to have a follower, Matt. Checked out your HMS Winchelsea build and it's impressive the work you're doing! As I mentioned in the initial post I don't have the instruction booklet so follow me at your own risk, lol.

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