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  1. Great suggestions on the ratlines, gentlemen. I will try doing the ratlines first, executive decision made!
  2. Should I do the yards before the ratlines? Seems like ratlines could be put off till after installing and rigging the yards.
  3. FYI, Although bathroom remodel is completed I took on the remodel of the backyard. That job is taking time away from my ship modeling :( . Almost done with the standing lines on the ship, except for the ratlines, so there's that 😁
  4. Mikiek , Great suggestion to go with smaller wrapping line. I used .88mm for the shrouds and .45mm for the wrappings. I think one issue is that I use bees wax on both lines. Later when I complete the wrappings and snug them tight this causes the bees wax to squeeze down into the wrapping line. I think this is one reason why the wrapping lines look as big as the shroud line. Not to appealing a look but I'm learning on this build so acceptable until I find a better solution, like using even smaller wrapping line (lol).
  5. @mikiek Thanks for the info. Still working on rigging the "standing" lines. I am trying to figure out where all the blocks and tackle go into the masts (fore and main) but it's a challenge. The plans sometimes show a block with only a line drawn to the mast. For example in the schematic, on the fore mast at the tree trestle there is a block on the aft side that ties into an eyebolt but on the bow side there are two blocks with only a line drawn to the tree trestle. Not sure how blocks like these are supposed to be attached, if they attached at all.
  6. Spent a lot of time on where all the fore mast standing rigging lines tie off. Once I had confidence in the placement I began. Here is the 2 fore back stay lines rigged. From another angle. Initially I thought the lines would tie off at a belaying pin. However, there is not a pin near the blocks so I ended up wrapping the excess line around the tackle lines. Ran the fore stay and the jib stay lines next. The 2 lines on the right are those stays. I tied a line around those two lines at the fore mast (
  7. Starting to connect the shrouds. First I copied the drawing of the starboard shrouds to use for measurements. Then I cut out the holes for the top deadeyes to help with alignment. Used the back side of the drawing for the port side. As I started adding the shrouds I realized I forgot to make the holes for the stanchions. I drilled and tested, no gluing yet. Seems like someone mentioned to wait on the gluing. First shroud and deadeye tieoff was a bit unnerving to do, having the drawing for placement really
  8. In better trying to understand where all the standing rigging lines go I looked at a number of images, online and in my books. Some lines were tied off to eyebolts, but I did not previously see any instructions on placing the eyebolts in the build instructions. Upon closer reading I found that the schematic used "small rectangles" to designate where an eyebolt should go. Look closely and see if you can find those areas... Anyway, I went back and drilled all the holes, made some eyebolts and glued them in. Working through where all the standing
  9. The making of the first shroud First I measured the distance to each block and tackle side, then I added another 6 inches of line just for good measures. I'm using 1 pieces of line that will tie off on both sides of the ship. Started the frapping process, and done! Snugged up the frap line to close the loop a little more. Test fitted it over the mast Continued the process .. Only 2 more to go for the foremast. The shrouds are not glued down yet, as well the foremast is not either.
  10. I have completed the bow-spirit mast with the attached rigging. Posting these pics as reference.
  11. @Valito Check out mikiek's build, first page. He does a good job of showing pics on how he constructed the hull. I use his build log to assist in my work. https://modelshipworld.com/topic/18090-enterprise-1799-by-mikiek-constructo-151/
  12. I am about to start the standing rigging. Just put on the foremast shrouds yesterday, have not tied them off so they are just ropes hanging off the mast. You did a great job, with pictures, of showing the rigging process on your ship. I will be using your model to help determine where to put all the lines. As well, I'll take your advise and not glue any ropes or pins to the rails until till the end. Is it the case that standing rigging is meant to be tied off (secured) and not run through blocks and such. Only the running rigging needs the blocks? Al
  13. I noticed in the manual and on some online pictures that a hook is used to attach to eyebolts. Not having any I decided to make my own. I'm using .81mm wire. Here's the end product.. .. and here's how I got there.... Used some wire wrapping pliers to get the initial hook bend. Made as tight a bend as I could. Hammered on the end hook piece till it flatten. Then cut the hook end at a slight angle, making it pointed. Then used the wire twisting tool to form the bottom loop. Trimm
  14. Putting on the bowspirit was slightly more complicated than the anchors. I first put on the last 2 deadeyes. Then I had to trim the end of the mast to fit within the fife rails. In retrospect I should have have just rebuilt the rail. Mark that down as being to lazy. Although it looks well placed in the pic below, later I find out that the mast does not lie straight. So I end up fiddling with the pieces to get a straight lie. Again, would have saved time if I just rebuilt the fife rail. Next post, bowspirit rigging.....
  15. Here's the latest on the build. First, I mounted the anchor. Nothing to challenging. In the below picture one can see that the tackle block is secured to the cathead with a knot. This is different from the instructions in the manual which secures the line to an eyebolt. Just another difference between the various Enterprise 1799 models. Next up will be the first mast, the bow spirit.
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