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  1. First, sorry for the delay answering. Second, thank you. I always do my best in my projects. I have been very busy this month, but I took some time for sanding(ugh! I need to discover any tool to make this easier) and prepare everything to start planking (advances, yay!). bow part sanded. And the stern sanded... with some mirror planking!!! Aaand First plank!!! Tomorrow more updates (cross your fingers)
  2. First, thank you all. With some steps I'm already following Occre videos, are great for noobs like me, but I'm also researching other techniques that would be sort of my way to do things👨‍🔧. The photos of the HMG Beagle are great to use as reerence, with them and the book of anatomy of the ship (I could find the Beagle one and the Bellona other, which I'm going to use in the mid-far future as one of the references for scrach building of San Juan de Nepomuceno unless I could get proper blueprints in Madrid's Navy Museum⛵) I'm planning some minor mods in the kit. And now, the u
  3. Thanks all for this warm welcome. I just started my build log, lets hope it didn't end in a total disaster.
  4. Hello there! Sorry for taking so long this building log. I worked on the ship during the spare time I have and there is my progress (and some comments for my problems and solutions. Here we go. Problem here: as you can see I glued wrongly one at the bow, since it wasn’t a big deal y fixed it with a bit a sanding, lets hope it didn’t come on a bigger mistake. Nevermind now, lets continue. You can’t appreciate from the picture, but there are three small mistakes of cutting too much, but I fixed somehow with spare bits of the wood a
  5. Thanks for this warm welcomming, as some have suggested it's my intention to star t a build log. In my humble opinion all the north coast of Spain is most wonderful area of the country. No it isn't. I'm not sure, but Galicia (atlantic coast of spain in the north border with Portugal) use that name as the traduction of Velasco in galician (traditional lenguage of that territory). Since Vasco da Gama was born in Portugal (part of Spain in that age) and both, Portugal and Galicia, share similarities in their lenguages, I would say that is just a traditional name like Velasc
  6. Hello! I'm Jandrus from Basque Country (northeast of Spain, rains and some days of sun in summer) and I just jumped onto wooden model ships, something I always wanted to do. Despite I'm not new to modeling it took me a lot of time to give the jump to work with wood... and it was my girlfriend who made me cross the line hahahaha. I'm starting this new adventure (and hopefully the gate to more adventures) with occre’s kit HMS Beagle. For sure I will have lots of questions and I will learn a lot with you. See you all!
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