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  1. Hi HakeZOu! Very nice kit indeed. I will follow your build log, since this is one of the next kits i am planning to do! For a first build, it turned out very beautiful! Im looking forward to seeing your next work Hugo Bosque Arenas
  2. And i am proud to announce that i have finished my first ever model ship! It turned out to be a very challenging, yet fun experience. Cant wait to jump on my next kit! My father-in-law loved the present, even remarked how beautiful it looked, so i took that as a compliment of my hard work. Thanks you everyone who stuck with me in this very thrilling experience. I am looking forward to reading you on my next building logs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind comments and the wise words. And thank you specially, Bob, and i hope to see you around in Spain when, as you s
  3. Thank you for the comments on the CA glue and the epoxy glue! I most definitely will try that out in my next model. Now, for the part i was most unexperienced with: mast and sails rigging. Sadly, there is not many images i took of this process, since i did it quickly in the span of 2 days. Still, i will gladly answer any questions if someone of you is doing this kit and has a problem with this step. Now, the very first step was to prepare, coat and paint the mast, and separatly the boom and gaff. Now, one of the things i realized was that the mast reduced its width the
  4. And so i started working on the details on the deck. Some covers for the (i presume) storage and the bowsprit. I also added the tiny brass eyeholes, and secured them with resin (We are remodeling our bathroom, i saw the sikaflex tube and i though, why not, there is no way this, once dry, comes off. I was very much in the right). I barnished the deck, the covers and started hating to work with brass (Seriously, how do you glue brass and wood? Any ideas?) Here is a little close up of the first rope coil i ever did! It turnedout very nice. I made them securing a pair of p
  5. Next step was painting. I didnt know if either to paint the model as showed in the box or to do some sort of mix between red/white and black paint scheme. In the end, i decided to paint it as the original one, so i bought the paints and got my cheap airbrush and started to work. Now, if you have never worked with wood and an airbrush, let me tell you something. You first have to protect the wood from the paint. Since it is an airbrush, paints come very diluted, and with so much air and water, the wood will splinter. You will not get a smooth surface. There will appear some "pimples
  6. Next step was deck planking. Not going to lie, it was quite fun! In the end i erased the fake nailheads because in my opinion, the made the model look very dirty. One thing that i never quite got the answer is, do i need to barnish the deck? I suppose, if i barnish it, i will protect the pencil marks and the deck will not end up that dirty. Oh well, trial and error, i will know the answer on my next model. Once the deck was finished, i started with planking the hull. This part i was the most afraid of, so i took my time and precautions. Chucks planking videos were extr
  7. It really is! Its was a present for my father in law, so it had to be something good 😁 Thank you very much! I look forward to learn a lot with you all Not bad! Surely you can come back to Spain soon, like you said, once the world returns to normal. Thanks for the kind comments! As for the abscence of posts, I was really busy. So, picking off where i left...
  8. Moving onto the false deck, I just thought i could glue it on. I was mostly wrong. I managed to glue it in place without any flathead pins, but some parts of it were not completely touching the entire surface of the top of the bulkheads. This proved to be a very important mistake, that proved to be extremely annoying and messing up my deck, being now lower on the port side, and not a nice, flat deck. Well, mistakes happen, and i must learn from them. Heres a photo of the false deck already glued to the keel and the top of the bulkheads. If you zoom in you can see how its not laying
  9. First of all, excuse my english. I will probably misname a part, or mix some names. For that i am sorry in advance. The very first thing i did when starting this kit was to read the instructions from top to bottom. I also got my hands in a digital copy of "Ship Modeling Simplified", so i read that as well. If you cant find it online, i can provide it to you no problem. In that book, it (very wisely) says: "On your first run-through everything should be assembled, piece by delicate piece, without going near the glue." So I dry fitted the keel and the bulkhead
  10. Hello fellow modelers! This log is about my first ever model, the Bon Retour from Artesania Latina (AL). Even though this kit is designed as an entry level/beginner kit, i have found that it is NOT the case. I have read other posts commenting on how poor the instructions are, how blurry the photos in the instructions are and how little to nothing is explained about rigging. I can confirm it is true, so if youre looking for a kit to start, i wouldnt recommend this one. Try an easier kit, like "La Provençale", from Artesania Latina, or "Lancha del Capitán San Juan de Nepomuceno", als
  11. Thank you very much Bob! Your comment was incredibly helpfull. I studied the instructions and now im rigging the whole ship!I will do a build log once its completed Here is a photo of the bolsters i made following your instructions. I must add, i added a drop of transparent resin in order to secure the pin through the bolster into the mast. That way its almost imposible for it to move, as i found that with CA glue the joint was still a little bit brittle. Again thanks for your help!
  12. Hi everyone! Im new to ship modeling and i recently started my first ship, the AL Bon Retour. I have looked a lot of information up in this forum (you guys are amazing) and in others. Im hoping, once the ship is done, to upload the final producto for you guys to see. Im at the point where the hull has been planked and painted over, and im moving to rigging. This has proven to be very challenging, since AL kits dont usually come with a lot of pictures, and understanding the diagrams for a novice like me is taking me some time. I have a question. There are some "blocks" on the mast of
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