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  1. After my conversation with Popeye this morning I decided to scrap the tops and go with the cross/trestle trees as he suggested... so I made some cheeks and trestle and cross trees and inset them both and glued um up then made some bolsters, just quartered dowels and glued them up and that was it...so both masts now have the appropriate trees, thanks for the likes and comments...and thanks Denis for the solid advice, much appreciated
  2. Thanks much, I’m gonna give em a try, I want to see if I can make um work, a challenge, if you would. I do greatly appreciate your offer though. Im only planning on two step masts, main and fore. Are you going to take the fore up to three?
  3. Of that I was unaware, but it makes sense...at this point I'm still replicating the kit parts that are unusable. My plan is to use the American schooner plan layed out in Rigging Period Fore and Aft Craft . Why don't you like the metal blocks?
  4. I'm planning on installing one of these Now that we've solved that particulier crisis on with the build...still working on little odds and ends. I'm still planning to use as much of the kit stuff as possible and that includes the cast metal rigging blocks. I have no idea what these are made of and nothing I have in my chemical arsenal would blacken them, so I resorted to paint...mixed a very dark brown acrylic and painted them. Once dried they were shot with a couple coats of matt clear. Then I turned to the mast tops, new ones were made from the p
  5. Nice progress D...stain should look good, my planking was nowhere good enough to stain, just barely looks good in paint
  6. Sorry to hear that, if there is a bright side you'll have more time at the table
  7. Hey Sam...welcome glad to have you along for the ride...blame Denis on this one, he started it
  8. Hello all, thanks for taking the time to hit the like button...got the rail cap made, mounted and painted out, the paper pattern was layed out on some thicker basswood stock, took 9 pieces scarfed together to make the whole cap each piece was cut to fit against both its neighbors to get the joints nice and tight and then painted out... considering repainted the cap in the dark green...think it may tie the main hul and the deck furniture together a little better?
  9. Thanks to all for the likes and comments...I finished the initial companionway and promptly scrapped it when I set it on the deck, it just looked stupid So I set about making a new flush type hatch...stripped off the house and doors to use the original coaming and made hatch side to fit within it then made the hatch cover...it has a slight curve sanded into it, and glued it to the sides and separated the pieces for paint and mounted it on the foredeck made a template for the railings and transferred them to some strip stock, still a bit under the weath
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