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  1. Well not really considering your building two and working on your car and building airplanes all at the same time, sheess Things do look a little better today in the bright sunshine 🌞 and after about two pounds of wood filler So after sanding and sanding and then sanding some more I moved on to marking out for the faux timberheads...they spaced out a 33mm, one thing about this technique it allows you to space the timberheads evenly marked edge before the timberheads were mounted I made and installed waterways, this is just split basswood glued on edge
  2. Ya it’s tapered and tucked and angled and rounded, just fat and ugly. Seems to be a theme 😎
  3. Thx Phil, I always set out saying this is gonna be the best planking job ever...and then the reality sets in
  4. Hey Denis did you decide if you are gonna copper plate one of your Jumbos? I'm thinking about it...kinda on the fence at this point, may wait to see how she sands out. Wondered what you decided
  5. the planking is done...and it is hideous, this is by far my worst planking job EVER, stock market tip...buy Plastic Wood stock I'll be using enough to support the economy of most third world countries!! no pics until it is sanded and filled...well ok just one and this is the good side
  6. 👍 Your planking is very nice...I refuse to post pictures of mine until it is sanded and filled...as I hoping to cover a lot of the ugly
  7. Yes, that is it, thanks for sharing this picture, it will help with my deck layout, as the plans are pretty vague. i hope you continue to follow along, and take a look at Popeye’s too, we’re doing simultaneous builds and going in different directions
  8. Nice job D, very different I like it...by the way, how did the bombing run turn out
  9. Planking continues...still have about 14 strakes per side to do...stalled one the stern runs...just gotta wrap my head around it. Ok next morning and the planking continues...gonna do my damndest to finish today, there is gonna be a lot of sanding and fill required
  10. We kinda thought it might be when we planned this, well if you want to call it a plan , Glad you're enjoying the show
  11. just member what the dormouse said That chart will work if your changing from one scale to another...I used it alot to convert the 1/72 Hannah plans to the finished scale, whatever it turned out to be...you can use it to copy one of the plan drawings to a different scale, it will give you the expansion/reduction factor. Was planking more today but got stalled at the stern...not sure how to run em...got to do more research, how did you decide to finish yours or are you not there yet?
  12. I got the garboard and one plank per side and then started back at the deck edge...establishing a foundation for my faux timberheads to attach to, may get to that tomorrow...so planking progresses So while waiting for the glue to set I been going little odds and ends... finished the deckhouse and started working on guard bars for the skylight drilled holes in thin wood strips and inserted pins, gonna ca them then cut to size Well that's it for today, thanks for the likes and looking in
  13. Why that's exactly what I did this morning too...small world huh...I got the garboard and one plank per side and then started back at the deck edge...establishing a foundation for my faux timberheads to attach to, more little stuff in my log. OK so you're gonna have two Jumbos? sheez...Oh...thats right yours is Andy so will you have Andy II??
  14. Hello Phil, first off very impressive workmanship, an outstanding model, thanks for posting the link in Denis' Agilis build, I'll be following along the rest of the way
  15. Hey Popeye...you are way ahead of me...I just got the gaboards and 1/2 plank on, may get 2 more on today, LOL, I surprised to see you working from the top down
  16. This one is going to have a fully painted hull...probably black, very light ochre wales and dark green trim...white stuff for the bottom, typical merchantman colors, based on Ship Modelers Shop Notes. Least ways that's my current thought, I'll probably fill the entire hull and then sand it all off of course Started on planking, garboard is on and started on the 1st course Sneak peak at the colors
  17. Ya not surprised...mine come in at about 4.7 mm close enough to call 5, leaving the garboard at 10 though
  18. Yea you’re correct, got at least one ugly spot there... spent the morning cutting planks. I normally would as well but the twist throw me off a bit, so I’m working bass ackwards From the looks of it the garboard on Andy and Jumbo may lay right out front to back
  19. That's a good book, relied on it alot when I was rigging the Hannah, I think there is a companion book too Gonna try to lay some planks today
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