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  1. Afternoon all, I have been able to complete the first layer of planking and have learnt a lot in the process. Overall not too unhappy, some high spots that required filing, and low spots that had to be filled. I was very happy with the stern but not so with the bow I think that I didn't taper the planks early enough and not wanting to go anywhere near the 50% mark made things difficult for myself with the lower planks..hey ho! we live and learn as they say. All that being said however it all looks reasonably symmetrical and I have enjoyed workin
  2. Endeavour's Longboat - Artesania Latina Hello all, Since introducing myself a few weeks ago I have been reading through a great many references on this site and elsewhere on t’interweb, trying to glean and understand as much knowledge as possible on the process of wooden ship kit building. Replies to my initial post offered a warm welcome, encouragement, and links to various ‘where and where not to start’ posts and I am grateful to all for those. Taking the lead from a link to a list of kits suitable for a first venture into sticking bits of wood together rather t
  3. Hello Chaps, Many thanks for the warm welcome to MSW. The advice and links with regards to where to start are gratefully received. Just to illustrate that I am a genuine modeller, I have put in a couple of images of past projects, including my one completed maritime effort thus far: Its also a way of testing out the image posting process, hopefully I can show some progress on the Airfix HMS Victory that I have ongoing. Cheers, Mark.
  4. Hello all, I have been a modeller since I can remember, with most of my energies directed towards things with wings. I regularly find myself looking at ship models and forums, marveling at the patience and skill taken over details and in particular the rigging of sailing ships. I found myself looking but not doing much mostly out of the fear of starting but not finishing. I do have a number of ship models in my stash and am in fact working (slowly) on the Airfix 1/180 HMS Victory, I have a Flower Class Corvette (The Cruel Sea is my favourite novel), Titanic and Bismarck all to
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