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  1. I would have a good look and see how much 1x5 limewood you have. It's mixed in with the 5mm sycamore veneer which makes it hard to spot. My kit came with three 2 foot lengths of it. The only place it is used is on the long cheeks of the fore and main masts (e.g. mt69), so you actually only need less than a foot of it. It would be much easier to split the 1x5 into two 1x2.5 than it would to try and trim down the 2x5 (I assume you meant 2x5 not 2x4) limewood that was used for the main hull first planking. Talking of shortages, and since you will be coming on to the masts soon - be war
  2. Yes same here, I did not have enough 1x3 for the yards. But I had a lot of extra 1x5, so I ended up splitting it down the middle and used that. If you slope the knife when splitting it, at say a 30 to 40 degree angle, then it will lay better around the yards with less gaps.
  3. Still working my way through the shrouds and ratlines. Have now completed the whole foremast and the topmast of the main mast. After completing the first set of ratlines that I pictured in my last post, I happened to glance the backside of them and noticed that it looked neater than the front side. The knots are neater and the ratlines kind of go behind the shrouds in a visually appealing way. So I decided that for all the remaining ratlines I would tie them differently - that is to begin each clove hitch by going behind the shroud rather than in front of it. Here's a p
  4. I finished all the yards and booms. Reading Mastini's book it recommends fitting the topmast shrouds and ratlines before fitting the yards to the masts so that the yards don't get in the way. I figured this made sense, it was too late for the foremast as I had already fitted the yards, but I switched the order for the mainmast. The other thing I noticed is that in the videos the futtock shrouds are rigged with 0.5mm thread, but in the rigging diagrams and on OcCre's promo pics they are rigged with chain. Since I had already bought a reel of antique bronze fine chain due to my kit n
  5. No, you don't glue the yards directly to the masts. They are tied on with thread and will flop around quite a bit until they are secured in place later by the rigging.
  6. Yeah, that CA glue is funny old stuff. I've actually accidentally left two or three drops in a bottle cap overnight and it was only slightly thicker in the morning. I usually dispense 4 or 5 drops into the cap at a time - that's enough for fixing 20 or 30 knots. Any unused at the end of the session I just suck back up into the bottle. For the Glue Looper you just dip it in the glue and it immediately sucks up a controlled amount of glue by capillary action. It's not really a chamber, just a little loop and a channel. Then when you touch the tool against anything absorbent like thread it
  7. Ah yes, your correct, I see it now. I believe this is the bit that shows the connections to the blocks on the brown 0.5mm thread. So rather than just hang straight down they actually should be oriented to aft on the foremast and towards the bow on the main mast. Foremast: Mainmast:
  8. I had already glued the thread to attach the yards to the mast. It really just needed the yards to be removed from the mast, flipped around and refitted. But that would removing and redoing the glued thread. When I finished up last night and noticed the problem I wasn't in the mood to backtrack like that. But today with a fresh mind I decided to go ahead and do it.
  9. Next started on the yards. I've now completed all the foremast yards. The first pic below is the mainyard. There is some confusion in the instructions for the outermost blocks. In the two cross section images below on one it is marked as using 0.15mm raw thread (C) and in the other it is marked as 0.5mm brown thread (MT48). Then in the photos in the manual it shows two blocks attached to each end, one with each type of thread. I'm pretty sure there should only be one block and it should be with the thicker brown thread. I can't see any figures in the rigging diagrams that shows mor
  10. Completed the main and mizzen masts. One thing I learned later when fitting the yard arms is that the thread should be kept really short for the blocks that suspend the center of the lower two yards on the main and fore masts. I made them too long so ended up folding and CA gluing them to make them shorter. For the mizzen mast I spent about 10 minutes looking for part mt113. I couldn't figure out what it was. Then I finally realized it is one of the rings like the ones that go around the mast holes in the deck. You just have to cut one in half
  11. Completed the foremast. The woolding (ropes wrapped around the lower mast) proved tricky at first. I tried using the method shown in the OcCre video where they just glued the first end to the mast, wrapped it a couple of times, then glued the other end down. But I couldn't get a decent neat look this way and it was fiddly and took a long time for each. Then I looked up in Mastini's Ship Modeling Simplified and used the method he suggests. This worked perfectly and was quick to do once you got the hang of it. Also allows each one to be perfectly adjusted before applying glue. It's the same tech
  12. I did the same when I thought I was only short on 10. Then I remembered there were also a bunch that have to be added in the side of the ship, plus the ones I need to fit the anchors. I like things to be perfect so in the end decided to get some manufactured ones. I also seem to be short of the 1mm x 3mm limewood planks which need to be used for the central sheath around each yardarm. But I do have quite a lot extra 1mm x 5mm limewood which only seems to be used for the mast cheeks, so about 10" total. But I have 3 x 24 inch lengths of the stuff. So I'm going to split it down the m
  13. I found mistake in the manual for the manual for the bowsprit. In the photographs it clearly shows 8 dead blocks (the large teardrop shaped blocks) attached: But in the plans it shows the lower two should be deadeyes: The plans are correct. Unfortunately I was looking at the photo when doing this step so I'm going to have to cut off two of the dead blocks and replace them. Another shortage I'm having is the jackstay eyebolts. I noticed I was getting a bit low so counted how many were left in the build. I'm about 30 short. I haven't wasted any. I even re
  14. Skipped the anchors for now until I get the missing chain. So today I moved on to building and fitting the bowsprit. Decided to go with the red mahogany stain for the masts. I did a test on the dowel wood with the red chestnut and it came out a bit pink for my liking. It was definitely a bit nerve racking drilling a giant hole in the front of my ship. Now starting to get a real sense of just how big the finished ship will be.
  15. Just looked through the videos for installing the anchors and compared it to the amount of chain I have left. I'm at least a foot short on chain. So now I've had to make another Amazon order for some chain.
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