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  1. Excellent work, that's a fine looking model........ Well done!!!
  2. Hi Pete, You are making such rapid progress with this model. (I'm just getting to the end of the second planking with mine. I'm hoping to pick up the progress in the coming weeks. Work has been a bit busy recently ) Good to see that not only do you have great speed but the quality of your workmanship is extremely high. This build log is providing some fantastic insight into what lays ahead for me. I shall be following your progress very closely as you advance with the rigging. Keep up the excellent work. Chimp
  3. I guess the chemical reaction doesn't scale to 1:60. How easy would it be to achieve the result using paint?
  4. I'm I right in thinking the Beagle was copper bottomed in the later part of it's history? Chimp
  5. Hi Pete, You are making fantastic progress with this model, at this rate you should have it finished in a couple of weeks time. Mine by comparison is taking much longer as my time is very limited unfortunately. I like to think I'm building it in real-time I found the work on the small boats quite a challenge in their own way too. The quality of your workmanship is excellent and when finished you should have a mighty fine model of the Beagle, which you can be rightly proud of. I continue to watch with much interest as it's providing me with knowledge, ideas and inspi
  6. That second planking is looking nice and neat and clean. Excellent work
  7. Time for another update. Progress has been slow for the last couple of weeks but I'm not too worried about that. It's due to the change in the weather. As it warms up the garden starts to come back to life and there is so much to do to keep on top of it. With regard to the Beagle, all I've managed to get done is the second planking on the starboard side and the stern. For some reason the starboard side was more demanding than the port side but I think that was down to how I progressed and the order in which I chose to plank. There will clearly be an optimal order bu
  8. Remember the first planking only needs to be smooth and is a base for the second planking. Adding wood filler will increase the height of the low plank edges. The high edges can then be sanded down. This should leave plenty of material for the second planking. Here are a couple of photos of mine which look bad to start with but turned out okay after filling and sanding. Chimp
  9. Hi Krupi, The planks are 2mm thick so you will be able to give it plenty of sanding without it getting too thin. It's looking smoother than mine did and I managed to get that smooth with a combination of wood filler and sanding. I'm sure you've got nothing to worry about. I guess you plan to remove the pins holding the planks in place. I never used the pins in the kit but used a combination of notice board push pins and foldback paper clips. Chimp
  10. No worries . It took me way back to my school days when my reports would have "could try harder" written on them. That was a long time ago now. I thought I had got better. I guess it doesn't hurt to keep trying a little harder. Chimp
  11. Just a quick update on other parts of the ship I've been working on with a couple of points to watch out for. Before cutting out any parts I number them in the sheet so I can easily tell which parts they are. When working on the skylight deck structures I found that two different but similar parts had the same number. This isn't a major problem but might save you a bit of hassle modifying both parts to fit. They are both the roofs of the two skylights. here they are assembled: The other thing I just caught in time was the
  12. Hi Tom, The wood filler I use is Everbuild Multi-Purpose wood filler. Probably the cheapest wood filler there is
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