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  1. Hi guys, Many thanks for your words of encouragement, they are much appreciated. I've now progressed a bit further and things are starting to look a little better. I started with applying small amounts of wood filler to fill in the gaps between the planks, not to take out the steps. As it turned out, I ended up covering the whole hull with filler, but so be it. Then after sanding and making quite a lot of mess things were looking a whole lot better. Chimp
  2. I've finally finished the first planking. It's taken a while but I stuck with it. It has been a challenge and I'm not overly happy with the result as it's now going to need some sanding work to get it into good shape. I've found the 2mm thick planks a bit cumbersome to work with but the advantage is that they will take plenty of sanding. One things for sure, she ain't pretty (not yet at least). I'm a bit embarrassed to post photos before I start the sanding but here goes... Chimp
  3. Still working on the planking of the main ship and still having issues to get a good tight fit between the planks and getting the bends to sit flat. However, the progress with the smaller boats is coming along well. Here are some photos detailing the progress so far: Chimp
  4. As a way of using my time more effectively, when waiting for glue to dry, I'm looking at the smaller service boats and their assembly. I thought these small boats would be so much easier to assemble than the main one, but again I was wrong. Having said that they're still fun to make. It took me a while to work out what I needed to do and how best to do it. I know I should have watched the videos available from Occre but I think that takes away some of the fun. Here are some photos showing my progress so far. Chimp
  5. A little more progress with the Beagle. I'm still having problems with the thick planks and how to get them fitted without ending up with steps between planks. I think I'm getting there slowly and should have it mastered by the time I finish
  6. Hi guys, I've started the planking and progress is a bit slow. I'm still very much a novice at this, so still at the lower end of the learning curve. I've managed to get a few planks on either side with limited success. You can see from the images it's not a mirror image. The odd thing is that I think I know what I should be doing but for some reason when I come to do it I end up doing it wrong. When I started this ship I said to myself I would follow the advice given here in this forum and learn from the experts. I was going to divide the hull into sections and sh
  7. Getting the planks to bend around the horizontal is straightforward. I've found a flower pot which has the same radius as the bow. Once damp the planks bend easily to this radius and keep their shape once dry. The problem comes when trying to bend them on the vertical.
  8. I've started to consider the planking, which I know is going to be a challenge. Hopefully it will also be rewarding if I can make a good job of it. The supplied planks are 5mm x 2mm limewood. I'm finding these quite difficult to bend to the required profile especially in two directions. I think I might be making things difficult for myself. The instructions don't seem to bother about getting a close fit between the planks and rely on filler and sanding once finished and the fact that the second planking will cover the first. I'm trying to get as close a fit as I can between the first pla
  9. Looks like you've made a great start to the build and are make fine progress. I'm doing the same build but having a few issues along the way. I don't find the instruction too helpful so I tend to just use them as a pointer. I'm very interested to see how you progress so will keep a close eye on your build log. Chimp
  10. Just a quick update on the build: I got some oak stain and applied it to the cabins and it had the desired effect. It darkened down the wood and retained the grain. It didn't bleed into the deck so I was happy with that too. I decided to not paint the brass doors as it would look a bit flat and would really need some texture, I'll live with the brass. I've now fitted the forward and aft decks as well as the bulwarks. It was during the fitting of the bulwarks and pinning them I managed to get one of the pins to surface through the main deck. As it turned out this wa
  11. Hi Jaager, Many thanks for your response. I fear I may have lost my second gold star as the photo of the deck was taken before I simulated the trunnel pattern. Ah well, it's a learning curve and I must admit I'm still at the lower end. I was thinking of trying a weak water soluble oak wood stain on the external faces of the cabins to try and darken the colour down a little. I think the Lime wood veneer used is a little too light. I'll have to experiment with it first as I don't want it to bleed into the wood of the deck. Maybe start with drybrushing the stain on fi
  12. Hi guys, hopefully just a quick question here. In this kit there are four doors which are supplied as etched brass to be cut out and glued in place. I can't imagine for one minute they would have been brass doors so what would they have been, oak? So I guess they'll need painting. What would have been the wood of the cabins they are placed on, oak again? Same colour? Chimp
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