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  1. Post 32 the end..... sort of It seems when we get to the end of a project it is more subjective than definitive. There is always more detail we could add. Anyway, I think we are there. Below I have a bunch of photos to capture the completed diorama before it disappears under a case. First up are four view from the 4 quarters 328 329 330 331 Now three pictures of the crew 332 333 I added a few jacks to hold the new plank 334 Now s
  2. Feb 2021 Update on the sails As I described last time I get a few hours each Sunday in between other activities that I choose to work on this project. 1107 at the beginning of January we see the replacement main sail in the sewing machine as my daughter made a great contribution needed to get me going again. 1108 here we are at the end of February with the reef points in, all the grommets in, and the head lashed to the gaff. In March we should get lashing to the boom, sewing to the hoops and prepping to be ready for rerigging. ….A
  3. thank you Keith. it is something I needed to do. I have a few others that i need to drop back on too. we'll see how it goes cheers
  4. Post 31 Stands chain and work crew I believe that telling the story of the railway and how it works is a key part of this build. It has been here and active for 150 years and quite a marvel. In normal years there are many different large yachts, tugs, science boats and schooners that come up for underwater work. For the past 5 plus years the yard has been fully dedicated to this re build of Ernestina and that is what we are trying to show. Stands For the full story one needs to go back to photos 144 and 145 to see the stands engaged agains
  5. Post 30 Setting the first steel platform Saturday was exciting, as I took the plunge and set the first dockside platform. 306 here I have laid down the assembled platform and attached all eight of the small chains assemblies to operate the stands. 307 one subtlety in this photo for my record is that the platform I am raising is actually for the other side. Can you believe it!!! I figured it out only minutes after gluing it in place…..I will explain below 308 here we are with the ABS welding hopefully going to hold
  6. Post 29 More detail progress on deck and the dock gets built The schooner deck is coming along, and the dock is now completely installed and ready for saltwater impacts like tide markings. I am getting ready to install the first steel structure on the railway car. The schooner 296 here we see the detail of the planning on the transom. 297 here is my attempt to replicate it 298 Here is the wheel gear box and access hatch 299 here is my attempt to replicate it 300 t
  7. Post 28 Progress on deck and the engine room hatch rebuild This post records one of the challenges of building a model without proper drawings. The park service drawings for Ernestina were based on field measurements made in 2008 ish. The 2016 redesign and rebuild has many subtle changes. I am dependent on my observations and photos to pick them up. Recently I was asked for information regarding the pumps. I posted the photo below on Allanyed's site without much thought, as I am not building out all the deck furnishings. Now that I progressed as
  8. Post 27 Diorama update on the dock and boat stands This posting records progress on the railway. I also want to share some more images of what the real equipment looks like and then my approach to replicate it in miniature. There is also a sequence issue that I will share below. What I want the observer to learn from seeing the diorama is how the railway works. First up is some progress. 273 in this view the building of the structural steel towers has progressed to painting and has gone from the table. I have started the dock. 274 as we
  9. Post 26 Progress on top rails and deck level I am celebrating another small milestone this week. I completed the cap rails yippee. 262 Here we are gluing in the outer band of the monkey rail. I had some scrap 1/32” on the outside resting above the lower cap rail to maintain the right shape and recess…. The outer edge of the two rails match up. 263 here we are gluing in the inner band of the monkey rail. Two each 1/16” bands give us the 6 inch in scale rail. 264 looking better. Now to do the cap rail. It is
  10. Allan I just found this posting, so I understand you email I will post photos on how down hauls are tied off on my Bluenose log. I am restarting that to complete sails and that will include gaff down hauls Main gaff has both p and s going to the rails Fore gaff drops straight down to starboard fife rail Cheers
  11. This posting is to record the progress as I pick up this build and carry it to completion. When I left this work in august 2018 the model got to travel around on pillows in the back of a pickup to two showings. We since have gained an open yard trailer that lets her lay flat and go under cover if need be. She was moved in November 2020 to this new house and has patiently waited for her star to rise again. My Daughter came for Christmas as Covid-19 has truly limited mobility. She was here for a work week and play week. Can you imagine…go to the coast of Maine and work through
  12. Allan no sail plans yet for EM. One more detail I suspect is there were more connections in the stern. I again take my learning from Bowdoin arctic rigging and Bluenose with its large size. There were quarter tackles to secure the boom, the topmast backstays were made aft for the upwind side and last pin behind dory tackle on the main mast for leeward side. There were down hauls on the main gaff peak tied off to Starboard. Also several lines both on the rails and the fife rails needed snatch blocks on deck to allow a few men to grab the line and pull and then take it to a pi
  13. thanks John Allan here is the buffer. I am very happy you are doing it. I am modeling pre paint, so I think home free without deck furniture. the railway is definitely adding more scope though. I went back up on deck to see if they have a horse. that would mean to my understanding that after back and forth to the buffer they come down to a horse to feed the port side bitt. I did not find one. To be fair to the yard, they are still waiting on the rigging design. new masts etc. also my visits need to be delayed a bit. cheers
  14. Allan i love your work...so clean and crisp. I am just catching up on this saga of pins and cleats on the boom. It may be a stretch, but I learned a lot when I researched Bluenose for my build. I went to Lunenburg twice, spoke with the captain, sailed on her etc. He pointed out things of difference on Canadian schooners, but they did not include this subject. There is a great resource I bought while there, The measured drawings on Bluenose LL by L B Jensen. He had taken, as I understand, information from the original 1921 as a basis. Also, there are numerous p
  15. Post 25 How to finish the outside Now the cap rail is going on, I need to figure out the final finish for the exterior planking vs. frames etc. First up, let’s get that cap rail done. 251 I continue to use milled poplar for this build. The rail is marked and cut out of ¾ inch strips 252 The mid-section includes the pin rail for the main mast. 253 here all rail sections are on and ready for shaping. I used this process also to build out the fan tail. 254 at this point, I feel we are starting to look l
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