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  1. A little bit of progress ... I decided to replace kit provided planks at the stern, just below the black painted area, with a home made from the spare pieces.. This is an idea from the instructional video... I have to reshape the rudder hole as well since i have replaced this part... and opening was not there... Hull has been scraped and lightly sanded.. Few more parts glued and secured... Happy modelling.
  2. Planking keeps coming along just fine.... with not quite matching planking lines on both side of the ship, which i really do not like.. One of the very nice small details on this kit is a simulated steeler.. During this process i also discovered that i did not put planks properly at the bow. Maybe not reading thru instruction manual thoroughly but all planks have to go slightly over keel. There is very tiny amount of planks that is left on both ends once that plank is installed. Anyhow, this is what i have to deal with.. So i might ended up adding a piece of veneer that will cover this part and ended up on a false keel.... something like this.. Happy modelling..
  3. Window has been cut, sanded and installed. It fits perfectly on the top but the bottom end has tiny gap between window frame and planks... Little bit of glue was applied around the frame to keep it in the spot.. and piece of scotch tap was applied over to protect it during work process on other parts of the ship. Few planks were installed... They are long enough to leave some extras for trimming at the stern.. Happy modelling.
  4. The window frame was cut, sanded and assembled on the model. Window is then protected with a scotch tape.. The wale was next, it consists of two piece of veneer for both ship sides. It is laser cut but still does require very slight sanding on edges which is absolutely not a problem at all. 🙂 Just for fun, first i applied glue on the hull instead of wale.. And wale is attached, no issues here. All fits perfectly... Started from bow and made my way back... And the port side first plank was applied. Tomorrow will continue planking using hot iron technique to see how that does.. Happy modelling.
  5. The inside frame of the gun opening was covered by veneer; extra veneer was removed and sanded flush with the hull. Work on stern continues repairing broken piece... several planks were made out of spare veneer, glued to the transparent paper, cut in rough shape, and then, as a whole piece, glued to the ship. I could probably do it gluing individual planks but.. Making sure it stays put... After this the first second plank was installed. It takes a bit of positioning, but if you start from stern, slowly, securing it with either rubber bands or other clamps, it can be done with no issue. Plank at the bow required a bit of extra attention.... Tomorrow.. Happy modelling.
  6. Continuing working on inner frames for gun openings... moulding were cut in 9mm length, glue applied on the frame and veneer piece pushed in. Then i sanded all parts that are sticking out and made them flush with the outside planking. Few more to go... i did not work on inner edges yet.. A bit of a work happened on stern as well.. Area previously filled with wood putty was sanded and ready... Veneer part was sanded lightly and glued on the stern.. Windows were cut of and sanded lightly... .. installed in the window openings.. Even dough i have applied a minimum amount of glue around windows, some glue leaked out and cured showing some discoloration on the veneer. So i run a tiny layer of black paint all over the piece. Still need to protect window frames and finish painting.. this is for today Hopefully this will correct glue issue. Now i will paint all black veneer pieces so they all matches.... Happy modelling.
  7. Thank you.. Yes, it is very good kit overall, certainly a different approach in ship building area..but still with options to change if needed... I am also looking for bigger kit from them With this work from home stuff i have a bit more time for hobby 😇
  8. A little bit of a damage was caused by not being careful around ship yard and accidentally broke the black piece planned to install on stern... Testing fitting before gluing while piece was still intact... Veneer sheet is very fragile and now i have to make another one out of a spare part.. First cleaned up area and covered with wood filler. While this is drying i started to make replacement.. Trace it on transparent paper... Glued few spare planks on the paper... Planning to leave a bit of extra wood around tracing lines just in case if i have to adjust fitting. While this is drying i cut several moulding pieces that will fill inner frame of gun openings.. And one glued in... Not much progress today... Happy modelling.
  9. The place where rudder will be mounted, has to be painted in black... Then i start adding frames to the cannon openings; using miter cut tool.. .. i cut 6 frames/mouldings that will be going on first. I happened to have this tool but forgot about it hiding it during my last workshop cleanup; any cutting tool will do the job, no problem. Installed.. All 6 were put in place.. A little bit of moulding shaping is required to make it fit nicely. After gluing it, i sanded it with the hull.. Happy modelling.
  10. Work on the hull continues; i have cut cannon openings, installed, not sure what term to use, a piece of darker wood on the top of gun openings... it is needed just for 6 cannons Next i have installed planks that fits between the bulkheads.. They are precut and very small amount of sanding is needed. But we do need to add a small piece of wood to make sure that bottom part of that "plank" fits with bottom end of the bulkhead.. Then i started to make a room for a window; kit comes with plexiglass windows, precut very precisely that the only thing to do is to push them into opening. A bit of force is required but this will make sure they will not get lost in the process. The window opening was painted in black, window pushed in and protected by a piece of scotch tape. There is also a plastic folia on the window so there is no need to add a scotch tape... but... just to remember to remove it before continue with window work.. Sanding is next step... and this is all for today... Happy modelling.
  11. Planking process continues.. this time plank was cut in half on purpose since some shaping, sanding, test fitting, sanding, etc will be needed on both ends. It does not follow the proper planking techniques but since it is a first layer i think i can get away with it.. First plank layer has been completed; now the fun part begins... A bit of a scraping.. Then lots of sanding with different grit number.. Now i need to fill up those holes and spaces with wood filler to make it as smooth as possible for second planking layer.. Happy modelling.
  12. A little bit of a planking work has been done; Then a little bit of a planking challenges experienced when i accidentally broke few planks.. Very happy this is just a first plank layer 🙂 and some patching was called in to help. Today i should be done with planking; rough shaping, filling up with putty and sanding will be next. Could not wait so did a little bit of those activities just to see how it will goes.. Happy modelling.
  13. Thank you. I replaced tons of stuff in this model, was not fully satisfied with quality of some parts. Must admin that practicum was very useful and helped a lot particularly in adding some details that were not in the kit. Cheers
  14. Thanks, i must admit i used plenty of photos from your build as a reference. Cheers
  15. First layer of planking continues preparing two top planks by soaking them into water and twisted around jar lid and a glass. During mounting process one of the bulkheads snapped on me... .. so now it will be time to replace it with some spare parts.. Found one small piece of poplar from my Sultana build, shaped it roughly and installed on the ship. Planking process continues with that new bulkhead sticking out weirdly. Good thing this is just first planking layer... This kit has plenty of pins/nails that are very useful in planking process. I always used just simple nails or other pins but these nails has longer sharper top, so just small length of nail needs to go thru to keep a plank in place.. That is for today... there will be tons of shaping, scraping and usage of wood filler to make this hull as smooth as possible for second plank layer. Happy modelling.
  16. Had a bit of a challenge assembling the first plank; the wood is fairly tick and even after some time dipped in the water, the twisting was a bit of a challenge. After some time and few extra helping hands was able to install it and leave it to dry. Hopefully it will not be causing issues in the future. Happy modelling.
  17. Continuing with deck work... And ready for next step, just without the temporary part at the bow. Happy modelling.
  18. This work from home thing is actually good when it comes to ship building.. My space to WFH is one desk and my shipyard is second desk with a common chair between... so it is just matter of turning around and work or work in shipyard.... Some parts needed a bit of shaping.. Glued... All bulwarks have been installed.. they fit perfectly with little or no sanding of laser burns. Making sure bulwarks are lined up correctly... Happy modelling and WFH...
  19. I usually use carpenter' glue but will definitely try PVA.. Cheers
  20. Not sure about you, but i have a tendency to break tiny parts very easily, during work on other ship parts. This happened to me while working on my Sultana. Not sure how many years of bad luck breaking some ship parts will bring you (like breaking a mirror) but not being in the mood to challenge it, i decided to protect a bow from being damaged.. two spare wood parts and a bit of scotch tape will do the trick. Waiting for further work.. The hull fairing was next.. hopefully i will not fairing more than needed. Some of the building logs suggesting that bulkheads should be sanded appr 1.5 mm so hull planks will not ended up short at the stern area.. I will get one or two planks and test fitting... Then, following instruction i glued part of the deck at the stern area.. Unfortunately some of the clamps used in process were clamping stronger causing deck to ended up bended in some area.. so the correction had to be made. With a help of acetone, i was able to remove deck from the hull.. Hull and deck have been cleaned, sanded and new assembly attempt was made... this time using rubber bands instead... Happy modelling.
  21. Friends, your opinions will be appreciated. This great kit contains a piece of decorative plywood simulating deck planking, ready to be assembled on the ship. I am kind of used to that all deck planking are made of straight planks, not as curved as on this sample. I am not familiar with bending methods during days when this real ship was built that will allow plank bending in the way they have represented here.. I am leaning towards more classical deck planking method where planks are all running straight (like in my Sultana model).... ..and where joggling the deck planking when they meet the margine planks... What is your opinion?

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