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  1. Good to know, thanks. Likely will stick to paint
  2. Thanks to you both - will let you know if I succeed. The Cairo model has photo-etched gun port lids that are glued to the photo-etched armor plates, so I can burnish the backside of the lids and that should not be visible.
  3. The model I'm about to start has some brass photo-etched parts that need to be glued together which I want to color by blackening with Birchwood Casey. My questions are: if I glue them together first with CA will the blackening process eat away the glue? if I blacken them first will gluing no longer work?? do I just worry too much???
  4. Well, it's been forever since I updated this log - lack of entries does not mean lack of work, as I can report that except for some paint touch-up, rope loops and finishing touches on the base, the Pride is finally finished! - Only took 2 years!??!??? Since this is going on a narrow shelf, I figured out which was the "good" side of the hull and braced the yards hard over. If I do this on another model I will keep the yards square until I lay on all the rigging, then brace them around - it was tough keeping straight which lines should stay in front of the yards and which should go behind. When I rigged the running rigging for the jib and headsails I included the sheets - probably not quite in the right places, but it did make the rigging more interesting. Close up of a block with a hook Final product
  5. There were many other logs I wandered thru - can't recall where I got the idea for the hammocks, but you can try a search. My main inspiration came from U.S.S. Constitution by Tuffarts - Mamoli - Cross-section 1:93 Scale - - Kit build logs for subjects built from 1751 - 1800 - Model Ship World™ He does very nice work as well: USS Constitution Cross Section by AndyMech - FINISHED - Mamoli - Scale 1:93 - - Kit build logs for subjects built from 1751 - 1800 - Model Ship World™ I used plans from one of the refits of the actual ship for the changes to the framing
  6. John - this build involved a lot of kitbashing on my part - I added the deck framing, hammocks and racks in the hold - I also made what I think is a more historically accurate foot for the mast. And I skipped the ballast and the ladders. So my final product does not look all that much like the plans that came with the model.
  7. Finished with the ship's boat - decided to make a cover for it and not try the interior detail. The cover is made from a piece of fine-woven cloth glued to the blank side of a white index card cut to size with a piece of string embedded to model tie-down ropes. This worked pretty well when I made hanging hammocks for the berth deck of my Constitution cross-section and I think came out pretty well on this boat. The cleats on the side of the cradle were home-made - from this angle at least they look serviceable. Now onto rigging the spares, which is usually fun, although I think things will get a bit crowded. Given the placement of some of the blocks hooked into the eyebolts on the deck - especially the fore running backstays, I probably shoulda rigged those before tying down the ship's boat...
  8. Thanks Bob. Spars all painted and stained, now for the blocks and footropes and on to rigging!
  9. Anything you can do to preserve your sanity and continue to inspire the rest of us with the quality of both your creations and your parts is a boon to us all. Plus, I can't wait for your cross-section. I do, however, anticipate a run on Rope-Rockets...
  10. Much more work than posting over the past few months. I decided to strip the boat of many of its OSHA/USCG inspired deck features and keep just those that straddled the centerline. I also painted the doubled portions of the masts, between the caps and the tops black, 'cause I like the look. The Admiral likes the way the ship's boat looks with just a coat of poly on it, so it will not be painted, although I will probably cover it with a tarp. Rigging the bowsprit/jib boom has been a challenge - lots of small deadeyes crammed into a very small space. One thing that vexes me is trying to keep the deadeyes - especially those for the mast shrouds - from twisting so that once rigged the upper and lower deadeyes are not always facing the exact same way. Any ideas would be most welcome.
  11. I'm anxiously awaiting the cross-section as well - the scale should hopefully be easier on my aging eyes than the HO-scale Constitution cross-section I did.
  12. Art - did you use the Marikate On and Off Bottom Cleaner alone to blacken the Britannia, or was it in combination with something else?
  13. Does Birchwood Casey Brass Black work to blacken Britannia metal as well as brass? If not, do they make a pewter blackener (I've Googled it, but with no success). If not, what would you recommend for Britannia metal? I've read through this forum and am still not sure of the answer.
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