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  1. Ben, that's amazing. I remember feeling a shortness of breath on Pike's Peak. Ron
  2. hamilton, if only you knew how how deficient I feel in matters of care and precision; though I know, of ourselves we tend to be the harshest critics. Thank you, and I'll try to continue to show how I manage to do things. Ron
  3. Ben, I cannot guess where (though I know it's not Queensbury), but it is stunning. Ron
  4. hamilton, I am so glad you are able to play guitar again! I am also a guitar player, and I would be crushed if I could never play again (as I would be if I couldn't build models anymore) . Ron
  5. hamilton, I'm sorry to hear about your hand injury. I hope this project will allow you to ease back into modeling. And it's very interesting that it could serve as a "dry run" for building a full size version! Ron
  6. Thanks Joe, and everyone for the likes. Thanks, Rick. I wish you success with your Oneida, and if you have any questions, ask away. You'll see I deviated from the Lumberyard plans along the way, based on sound historical info sometimes, other times perhaps less so. Ron
  7. Thanks, Allan. The taper of the stem and bollard timbers is being sanded by hand, with that sanding block you can see on the left in the first photo. I have a sanding drum in my full size drill press down in the basement, but I only use that for roughing the basic curve of the pieces after cutting them out, and I don't trust myself with chisels for this work, so it's slow going. It's taken me a while to wrap my head around these pieces, trying to visualize what the end shape is, compared to the lines on the paper pattern, and how they need to fit with the stem, lower apron, rabbet and rest of the hawse timbers. Ron
  8. I hope you are right, druxey! Paul, yes, I made the clamps--credit goes to Ed Tosti, you can find them on his build log for Naiad. While most of my work this week has been on Oneida, I have spent some time slowly sanding the bollard timbers to fay to the stem. They need to match the concave taper of the upper stem-- Still some work needed, but they are getting close. The overall width is constant now at the head and foot of the assembly-- Once I have them tapered correctly to the stem, I'll start roughly beveling them forward, and at the foot where they meet the lower apron. Ron
  9. You're welcome, keep up the good work! Thanks for the info on the belaying pins. I have had trouble finding them just so, I'll have to give Model Shipways a try.
  10. Your work looks very good. The belaying pin you show next to a penny and the companionway/skylight looks in scale and well proportioned. Did you make/adjust it, or is it a stock item? They are so hard to find just right. Ron
  11. The pedestals ebonized-- And installed-- Now I can retire my not-so-pretty temporary (10 years or so) stand-- Ron
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