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  1. I just discovered a feature on my cell phone. I can now set it not to ring if the caller's number is not in my contact list. The feature might have been there for years but I just discovered it. recently, I started getting spam from a friend which I thought odd. Then I noticed that although it said it was from him, the email address was some where in eastern Europe. I figure someone hacked his email account for names and addresses. Since I don't trust my alertness, I blocked him after giving him a heads up.
  2. I believe the sales calls have dropped off over the past few years but the scam calls have increased. There is one that asks (not understanding that their recording is talking to our answering machine) "Can you hear me alright?" I read somewhere that they are recording your answer to play back while scamming the voice recognition gizmos at banks and other financial institutions. I don't know if that is true. The other type of annoying calls are the political calls and pretend surveys. I moved to the USA 35 years ago and thought for a while that the US was the only country that punished you for voting since that is where they get your number and party (from primary ballot). I now think these types of calls infest most countries.
  3. I used to string along scams and sales calls but we bought a phone set that identifies the caller (not caller id) based on numbers we have entered into the phone. If that phone tells us who is calling we answer. If caller id tells us we do not. They have the option of leaving a message. The caller id can be faked somehow. We often get calls from our own number. I wonder why we have a land line after all.
  4. Haven't heard of health check of drivers. The manager did say something about the size of trucks but I didn't get the gist of it. I am hard of hearing and we were "distancing". They are starting geezer hours here on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well next week. They have started to put limits on the amounts you can buy. No limits on Ice cream. I thought the days chosen for senior shopping were a bit odd. Why not a bit farther apart? I wonder if it has something to do with stock availability. More of an item early in the week??
  5. Southeastern USA... Publix grocery stores seem to be constantly cleaning and wiping down carts. Hit and miss on cleaning and paper products, meat and frozen foods. I was told by a manager who was frantically stocking shelves that the problem was not product but getting it to the stores. He added that they just hired 80 drivers. Sounds like it is a pig in a python situation.
  6. A little off topic but when I was a boy in Canada (1950s) I heard a story about Foster Hewitt who broadcast Toronto Maple Leaf games to Toronto and likely beyond. They suspected that some other broadcaster was taking their “play by play” description and rebroadcasting it via their own outlets using a different voice. How to prove it???? In a meaningless game toward the end of the season Foster described a goal that was not scored. The rebroadcaster included it in their play by play and were busted. I don’t know if it is true but I did hear the story which I think happened in the 1930’s.
  7. Have a look at Retired Guy's approach the to Fair a Frame at the begining of his Bluenose log.
  8. Although true, wrote the above post as a bit of a joke. After, I started wondering how I knew that. I am not very intuitive. I don't see it on the Byrnes product page for drawplates. but it may have come with instructions.
  9. I wrote "wood only" on mine when I got it. (Sharpie.)
  10. Would it be useful to make molded edges? I agree that it would not be hard to make.
  11. Not a paint system (at least I don't think so.) but a friend who was a brilliant figure painter painted a 12" Catwoman. He was in the habit of putting on coats of Future floor wax as the final finish if a high shine was wanted. It didn't work. Her uniform developed a crackle finish rather than the shiny patent leather look. He thought it had something to do with the dryness of the underpaint but he was never sure. I avoided anything more adventurous than oils over acrylics since then.
  12. Not a problem. Let me know if I can help. See if your library has "Weapons & Equipment of the Napoleonic Wars" P.J. Haythornwaite. There are a few illustrations in it.
  13. The chapter titled The Light Equipments begins on Page 65 and ends with Page 84. The photo is of Page 73 which is unnumbered in my copy. You should have drawings on pages 69, 74, 75, 77, 72, 83. Barrels are covered in an earlier chapter with drawings on Pages 32 & 33. Sorry for the slow response.
  14. I have about 20 pictures of about 425kb each. I took pictures of "The Light Equipments" chapter figuring you might need the text (which I found a bit confusing when it came to dates) along with some diagrams. Would it be better to email these to you?
  15. Scanning failed. More accurately the operator failed. I am now looking for batteries for a camera. We may have to resort to mailed photocopies.

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