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  1. Although true, wrote the above post as a bit of a joke. After, I started wondering how I knew that. I am not very intuitive. I don't see it on the Byrnes product page for drawplates. but it may have come with instructions.
  2. I wrote "wood only" on mine when I got it. (Sharpie.)
  3. Would it be useful to make molded edges? I agree that it would not be hard to make.
  4. Not a paint system (at least I don't think so.) but a friend who was a brilliant figure painter painted a 12" Catwoman. He was in the habit of putting on coats of Future floor wax as the final finish if a high shine was wanted. It didn't work. Her uniform developed a crackle finish rather than the shiny patent leather look. He thought it had something to do with the dryness of the underpaint but he was never sure. I avoided anything more adventurous than oils over acrylics since then.
  5. Not a problem. Let me know if I can help. See if your library has "Weapons & Equipment of the Napoleonic Wars" P.J. Haythornwaite. There are a few illustrations in it.
  6. The chapter titled The Light Equipments begins on Page 65 and ends with Page 84. The photo is of Page 73 which is unnumbered in my copy. You should have drawings on pages 69, 74, 75, 77, 72, 83. Barrels are covered in an earlier chapter with drawings on Pages 32 & 33. Sorry for the slow response.
  7. I have about 20 pictures of about 425kb each. I took pictures of "The Light Equipments" chapter figuring you might need the text (which I found a bit confusing when it came to dates) along with some diagrams. Would it be better to email these to you?
  8. Scanning failed. More accurately the operator failed. I am now looking for batteries for a camera. We may have to resort to mailed photocopies.
  9. The Big Chicken is still there although it was redone maybe 15 years ago. The beak moves and the eyes roll again. There was some concern that no one would be able to give directions if they tore it down (Turn right at the Big Chicken...) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Chicken I will try to get the scans done today. Fingers crossed. Book Cover photo.
  10. This from "British Smooth-Bore Artillery" I don't know if the picture insertion will work. I am regressing when it comes to technology. The drawings seem to differ slightly from the kit but if you want I will scan them. On second thought, I am not sure if that is an infringement of copyright.
  11. I doubt they will actually remove "Members". They need the numbers to attract advertising.
  12. Try heating it with a hair dryer or heat gun. I have had some success with polyurethane resin and whatever type is used in the fiberglass kits.
  13. If this link has been posted, I missed it. https://www.southernmuseum.org/ I have no idea how accurately the restore was done.
  14. PDF from Andrea. https://www.andreaeurope.com/descargas/AP 030I TEXTS ENG.pdf
  15. A little more in this area including staging and lighting. http://www.boxdioramas.com/sheperd-paine

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