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  1. Since Chris is back again can I just ask if the fife fishing boat is coming out at some point? It's one of those models that have really stuck with me for some reason.
  2. Well I'm back again after a bit of pause doing other some other models Masts are basically shaped Shrouds are on for the fore and main mast. Started working on the yards but only once I'd worked my way part way down the plan I spotted that the stun sail booms should be at 45 degree angle (the fore yards show this, but the mains only show the above from above) so there has been a bit of reworking involved. Now I'm looking at the plans and trying to figure out what order to go in next, I'm thinking of putting the lower yards (and associated standing rigging) on now befo
  3. Quick picture of the bowsprit. I've stained it with caldercrafts walnut stain which I quite like. Once my phone syncs up I'll show how far I've gotten with the masts.
  4. Lots of great ideas here. Like both John and Juds ideas. Plenty of stuff to think about.
  5. Thanks folks, actually looking at my work it's not too bad, bit of a twist at one point but I that's down to me over correcting, going to try again using the normanh method (pretty close to what I tried anyway) and see how I get on.
  6. Thanks, I've got the bowsprit on and I'm just making a start on the masts. More progress pictures when I'm back at home and I've got a couple of questions to ask.
  7. I've just started to square off the top of a mast for crosstrees to fit onto. My first attempt by hand using a file isn't great but I suspect with a bit of work wouldn't look too bad, problem is I can't help thinking a jig of some sort would help. Without involving too many tools has anyone got any good suggestions for jigs to help get things square?
  8. Carronades nearly done. Member of crew seems to be looking for the crew mate that painted his uniform RAF blue..... Not entirely happy with the straightness of the pinrails but I think I'm going to leave them for the moment as it doesn't look as .bad in the flesh,
  9. Chains and dead eyes have been attached. I've used the kit parts trimming with the 2mm walnut strip (ignoring the instructions) which suggest using the 1.5mm. Looking at how much of it gets used later on in the instructions I think I'll get away with the 150mm left over and I don't seem to have much of the 1.5mm left. I attached some cotton to the masts and brought it down over the channels to get the angle reasonably right. The dead eye strops I pinched together and used a bit of CA on the gap, finally using some thick CA to keep everything nicely in place once I'd pinned everything into
  10. Couldn't find part 97 so I scratched one up. Made a compass by getting a bit of strip pin through at one end, pencil lead through the other rotate around on a piece of the 2mm walnut, cutout and drill a hole in the middle. Not quite as round as the kit parts but not too bad. I've put the cleats on, kit seems to be a bit short of these if you include the ones shown on the masts and the couple shown on the catsheads, can't decide if I need to order more as nothing seems to attach to a lot of them so skipping them seems safe. Next up the chains and channels...
  11. Okay another snake builders where do I find the mizzen mast base (part 87) I can't see it on the parts diagram and I can't find on the 2mm sheet (managed to find part 80) Not to bad to scratch build something but I'd rather not. Photo of progress this week, a few more pin rails to attach (and the pumps) then it's time for the chains links and deadeyes.
  12. Of course you can (advice welcome) Todays annoyance scratch building a lost bit of the capstan, then promptly finding the original part.
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