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  1. Havn't used oil or fats in cooking in years - no need for it. OC.
  2. Hey! welcome aboard - looking forward to this your in good company . OC.
  3. Had a few days off, as even using Microset the admiral could smell it said it got up her nose like a vinegar smell, so I thought best not at the moment till I can get good ventilation like every door and window open. Cant wait to crack on with it though driving me nuts just being on the laptop hearing all the news so fed up with this virus already. OC.
  4. Why dont you put a thing strip of something along the whole length both side to cover it? it could represent a re enforcing point. OC.
  5. Just been doing a risk assessment to be able to do a 3 month house isolation me and the admiral - food will require going with the flow, but things we will need to cover - loo roll to last, Milk long life is poss, cleaning stuff - soap anti bac spray/wipes washing machine powder/tabs and washing up liquid. If we could safeguard these will wold be ok in lock down in the house. Oh and making sure the admiral got her monthly meds she needs to function. This is based on home delivery by our normal online delivery store having severe shortages as soon as they come in people going to the store and more home deliveries are taking all the goods. OC.
  6. Very nice work mate really is a great setting for the plane. OC.
  7. Never in my life have I experienced such a close bond of family than here - every one of you is amazing in your own ways, we may not be a physical build club but we more than make up for it on here. Thank You All. OC.
  8. I was able to get out for a short while today just to get some essential supplies - came back with a pack of loo roll and a couple of other things so it wasn't all bad, the chemist was closed so no good getting a mask but to be honest they are all needed by the hospitals, I kept my distance from people and had two pairs of throw away gloves on, when I got home I binned them straight away and the item I brought were left on the side and wont be touched for a couple of days to let anything that could have been infected time to die off, people in my area seemed to be distancing them selves giving each a good 6 feet distance apart. Common sense is the key and not having Any direct contact skin to skin or within breathing range (oh also turning away quickly should someone sneeze). My trouble is I panic its just how I am. OC.
  9. I will try the chemist first fingers crossed. OC.
  10. Just to fill everyone in about our exploits yesterday - we do online shopping with a large grocery store called Tesco (have been doing the same for years and years as shopping from the shops is not practical or do able anymore) anyway we have to place a slot you can do this up to about a month in advance then play around with your order, we did the last order about two weeks ago, anyway the admiral got an email to say that 2/3rds of the order was not available including essentials like loo roll, hand soap, bread , eggs all meats, tinned food, milk and other items, so in vain we tried to book a slot with another store ASDA no good they were fully booked up until May. I tried to ring Tesco got through explained our situation and urgency and was told there was nothing they could do - the orders are picked on the night before delivery and things have been running out due to Hoarders. I dont want to go out if it can be avoided - not because of my health as its fine, but because of the admirals as I would never forgive myself if I passed on something to her, anyway looks like later today I will have to venture out dont have a face mask only have some of those throw away thin clear gloves (the admiral uses when she dyes her hair) ontop of those I will where my finger less gloves. Its a real mess - the MSM tell us to stay at home no matter what but what can you do when you need food and cleaning products to stay hygienic and not starve, we dont have any stored food as we live from every check so two weeks food has to last. Its a real mess we are all in - hope and payers we come out of this on the other side - All of Us. OC.
  11. Very nice work with the barrels they so look the part. with the setting for her - why not part of a dio with a harbour wall behind? OC.
  12. Its good stuff and lasts as it only releases a small amount, the tube can block but if you put a thin needle down it with the end bent over or worse case heat the end of the tube with a fine flame like a candle / lighter it releases the glue again. OC.
  13. Good to see you making a start Revell do a very good plastic glue called Contacta has a fine metal tube so its nice and tidy. Pic off the net. OC.
  14. Thanks Ken, because I am worried (more than I will admit) I have been reassuring the admiral that all will be ok and we will get through some how almost like magic, and it will all return to normal, but I went very down missing a family member to reassure me. So i wanted to try to shrug it all off go on my build and just carry on - but I couldn't. OC.
  15. Thank you for that, I did try as Im trying to pretend if I close my eyes it will all just have been a dream. OC.
  16. No progress today not really in the mood to be honest, Its been one of those days lots of worry about getting the supplies we need, the admiral has been rough with a tight chest due to worry and stress (she has a heart condition as it is). Im sure I will do more on the mossie. OC.
  17. Microset and Sol are little bueties arnt they - so impressed with how they settle down a decal. OC.
  18. Thank you Denis, I think I will be ok with Revell's Contacta cement as it does not give of fumes when it dry's. OC.
  19. Thank you kindly, it was just a case of being steady and working under good light. OC.

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