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  1. I would also have said - the aging of the roofs/materials as timbers bend and sag with age (I have seen it myself with old/er buildings you should have seen the roof in our old 17th century cottage we used to live in, it would have made a good roller coaster. OC.
  2. No good we can see your eyes....... OC.
  3. How about a Full Mummy set up - surely that would fill the bill to cover yourself with a mask. Ok I'm getting my coat....... OC.
  4. Not sure if this might be of use - its decribes and shows the main RN colours - scroll down till you see POW (Ita alphabetical) OC. https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/pages/british-royal-navy-colour-schemes
  5. Just found your build - the hull planking with the first planking (I assume you will be laying a second layer of planks over the top as its normal procedure) is always a tricky/fiddly/nerve racking procedure - even the pro's like to get it out of the way. With your deck You have done a fine job - its neat and tidy and as others have said its easily sanded even with pencil in between the planks as the sanding action cleans as you are going. Keep at it you are doing fine. OC.
  6. I don't want to tie up EG's log with my rambling but I had to reply to Jack - I had the same about 9 years ago, went in for a pre arranged Hiatus Hernia op the surgeon debated doing it as a "Key Hole" job but in the end I was just sliced open (about a 6 Inch cut in my groin) same as your self no lifting for so many weeks but I was lucky I was out the same day, all is fine now apart from ocassional sensations from the wire gause they put in. Take good care of yourself. OC.
  7. I would imagine that extra strengthening will add strength to the join, I remember my late farther building an R/C boat for me - he basicaly over engineered the hull - strengthening the hull and applying coat after coat of dope to the inside and outside hull followed by about 100 layers of paint. OC.
  8. I won't confess to knowing much about the subject (kind of missed learning about it) but I will say the info here is really first class, just waiting for the building to start now - I will start on the "munchies" while we wait. OC.
  9. Thank you kindly Lou, hope your on the mend my friend. OC.
  10. So impressed with your work - so much devotion to your skills - hats off to you. OC.
  11. Thank you kindly Mark - I really appreciate that, I am quite pleased with the decs so far. OC.
  12. Evening all, more progress - firstly I glued down the Two seats then gave thier frames a few coats of Grey (still need the cushions painting) then I worked on the Two consol supports these have sone subtle wiring that after fitting I picked these out with Silver dry brushing, then it was the turn of the Instrument consol, this was given a few coats of Black then when dry it was decal time - these are Three seperate pieces for the instruments - they went down without fuss, then when set I brushed over a few coats of flat top coat. I then glued it in place and nest will be
  13. Mark will be along with the pop corn later - he now owns a Huge pop corn maker, that might have to sit on the deck also.😃 OC.
  14. Another Day in Paradise Phil Collins. OC.
  15. Yep, Spinosaurus - https://www.britannica.com/animal/Spinosaurus OC.
  16. Thats a good start - and that frame looks like it will make a lot of difference in taking the worry out of any miss-aligned frames. OC.
  17. Thats a really tidy well executed job of your first planking - very nice progress. OC.
  18. I always wanted a full size replica Mortory Sword but the admiral wasn't too impressed by the idea. OC.
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