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  1. Thanks mate, Very much appreciate and am thankful to you for searching stuff for my build, its help like this that makes this site so Special. OC.
  2. Looking great mate, reminds me (with the colour) when I built a Desert Storm British Challenger tank. OC.
  3. Indeed Mark, thats what I will have to do as despite several attempts with Micro sol, the orange peel aint going know where, the top coat has sealed them in. OC.
  4. Oh, and while I'm at it - the Seafire had her front canopy shaped a bit so as to blend in with the fuselage better. OC.
  5. Oh, foregot to mention the surface primer went on well, is in the box de gasing at the moment. OC.
  6. I will try my best to see what the repair or part repair options are - wll see what micro sol does, then (as I assume a barrier is on the model now) I will try another flat coat over the top to see if that might help hide the wrinkles (failing that its a Good anti - wrinkle cream)😉 OC.
  7. Just been down put another coat of micro sol over the decals, will try to put a few layers on leaving an hour or so between layers - just to see if it does anything. OC.
  8. My suspicion is that I applied the top coat a bit too heavy on that side or perhaps it hadn't shrunk down as well due to the ridge it had to sit over, especially the end of the ridge causing an akward lump in the middle, possibly a bit of trapped air - that mde it an esy target for the top coat to loosen and craze the way it did. OC.
  9. Yep, the other side is fine, I have just this moment gone down stairs (as its night here now) and put a coat of micro sol over the affected decal/s I will check them in a couple of hours to see if (by miracle) the micro sol has worked - not holding my breath though. The problem is that top coat of Tamiya Laquer is key as it will either stop me working on the decal, or if I decided to try to remove the decal using tape to pull it off - I think the laquer will stop it or at worst pull a larger area of paint and laquer with it. OC.
  10. Tell me about it - its like its a jinxed plane, the funny thing is all the other decals are just fine - nice and flat and blended down with the flat laquer. Its not an easy operation by any standards even holding the thing while spraying is fiddly then the blast from the rattle can, trying to control that is impossible, I have to do it freehand as I have no way of spraying into a booth or rotate the model on a turntable. Who ever said modeling was easy (well the painting side anyway) OC.
  11. Hi all, I spent a bit of time on mossie to day, the rear stab was nice and dry so I gave it a few watery coats of Acrylic grey by brush - all good, I then took off the masking and noticed the main decal on the one side had crackled, the trouble is there is a coat of laquer flat coat that was sprayed over the top, would micro sol work on it to smooth it out even though there is a coat of laquer over the top of it. Looks quite bad and spoils what has turned out to be a good finish. OC.
  12. Some good detail on that hull should look great weathered. OC.
  13. Cleaned up our old fountain, still using the neighbours camera as he is in no hurry to have it back. OC.
  14. She is looking really nice certainly coming to gether now. OC.
  15. I agree with Scott - wondeful work, and may I say that quarter deck gives such a large impression of space. OC.
  16. And those wing leading edges (yep I felt one up close in a museum - they are sharp and need covers). Pic off the net. OC.

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