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  1. Not so much an update just a brief type thing - I painted the bomb bay doors, they are waiting to be seperated then painted inside and weathered then have thier linkages attached and linked to the fuselage. OC.
  2. Can you write in English please sir as we can not understand you. Kind regards. OC.
  3. Instead I just got all my soldiers out all over the living room floor my mum used to go mad as she couldn't move for treading on my armies. OC.
  4. So glad you liked it Hal, it was a pleasure mixed in with a few tense moments - but mainly fun. OC.
  5. Warm welcome to the family, so love the Elizabethan Ships, looking forward to seeing more I will take a seat if I may. OC.
  6. This is what I always wanted to do as a Kid - http://historyin172.blogspot.com/2015/06/another-great-waterloo-diorama.html Internet pic of above site. OC.
  7. The pic above was nearly in the dark, the imminunation off a small sensor light created the shadow (thats why I took that shot) because of the darkness it needed ISO 2000 hence why it is grainy. Just love the moodyness of an late night dark shot with taht shadow. OC.
  8. What I will do Is to do some updated pics now I have my phone camera working better (same one I use for my aircraft builds in here) I have some work to do on the Ole Girl (new chain) so will do some fresh pics then. OC.
  9. Very cool mate, I remember building that version with the trailer - if memory serves me right think it came with cardboard boxes and plastic jerry cans. OC.
  10. At first my phone/camera was playing up hence why some of the pics were fuzzy, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. OC.
  11. Just a couple of pics to show the fuselage/wing joining, as I said needs a bit of filling. OC.
  12. Hi all, right here is the first camo coat on the spit - out of the box and de gased. OC.
  13. Evening all. or shall I say morning / afternoon to my friends, so after spending an afternoon in the back yard, I decided to work on the bomb bay parts still needed, I started by spraying the bomb bay doors - then put them away in the box to dry, next I put the Four 500Lb HP bombs together inlcuding slimming down the rear fin area, they still need spraying Green and having the Red and white rings painted on. OC.
  14. Thats our family on here for you - looking out for each other. OC.
  15. Just had a cheeky peep at the first couple of Grey layers I sprayed on the other day - looking nice, love the way the panel lines really show through the paintwork - love this Eduard kit. OC.
  16. Do you know Phil, some people build a kit using normal routines and straight forward precedures, then someone like yourself says "heck that - that aint enough - I want to put my own stamp on it" that is what you are doing - its not just boat building or even scratch building, its Artistry my friend. Keep going this is a Special build. OC.
  17. Thank you so much mate, yep it was hit or miss, guess my dad was sitting over my shoulder - pushing me on with her. OC.

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