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  1. Evening all, I woke up to my Tamiya Rattle Surface Primer so it promted me to push on - first off I masked up the canopy then using some blue tack I pushed it down onto the bang seat, next I pushed sponge into the cavities I wanted protected - so its ready for primer. OC.
  2. Not bad thanks Kevin, no probs it aint going anywhere.👍 OC.
  3. Evening all, got a bit more done on this today, I continued fitting the Four pylons with the magnetic attachment points, then I decided to fit the Two wind break strakes, then a few of the antennas. OC.
  4. Excellent work Kevin, that is looking so nice. OC.
  5. Looking good Phil, what an unusual set up for the bang seat with that canopy. OC.
  6. I have been thinking about doing her as ex falkland vet XZ-439/2, the reason behind this particular frame is - in 1982 just after the falklands war my late farther saw an add in the paper talking about an airshow at Farnborough where some ex falklands harriers were due to be there, anyway after soom pleading by me, my farther took me to the show and I got to see the Sea Harriers display there, one of them there was indeed XZ-439/2. Here are a couple of pics showing her at the show (the lighter grey one) Pics not mine they are off the net. OC.
  7. Glad your still looking on Edward - more to come on the build yet, since posting the above I have added the yaw vane and started to fit the stores shoulders/pylons. OC.
  8. Welcome back to the pack, right straight in with the canopy - the glass unit needed fixing down to the frame after both had thier edges cleaning, then using a tooth pic ultra fine tip - I dipped the end in some revell pro glue and ran it along the frame and pressed the glass down, then I sat it in place just dry fitting - its a start. OC.
  9. Requires abit of adjusting to get the fit right no doubt - just apply the notion "test fit three times - cut once" just keep checking things before cutting material away - saves many tears latter (We have all been there) OC.
  10. Hi all "Are you stil there", I am getting back on this very soon and giving my Waterloo figs a little break, I have sent off for some more Tamiya Surface Primer - waiting for it to arrive, in the mean time I will prep her ready for the primer, I will have to mask up the main sliding canopy then temp attach it down possilbly with some blue tack inside the glazing onto the top of the Bang Seat, then it will be a case of checking all over her before laying down the primer. OC.
  11. I have started looking for the stiches the admiral drops when she does her knitting - must be my age........😦 OC.
  12. And dont foreget the deafening noise from the "Bang" I understand a famous word between troops was "Pardon" or "Whatttttt" OC.
  13. Evening all, more work in progress will show after I have finished "Running Man", the admiral came up with a good idea - I should give them names after all my friends on here - wonder who could be who? OC.
  14. Yep, he is "Bluey" dont know why😛 I think next will be "Pinky" - only joking thought it more interesting to give them an identity. OC.
  15. Evening all more work this time here is "Bluey" just waiting to be flat coated. OC.
  16. Welcome back to Plastic Land mate, very interesting subject I used to have the UK eqv called a Raleigh Chopper. OC.
  17. Found these for you - http://pontosmodel.com/html/23009f1.html https://www.modelhobbies.co.uk/mk1-design-1200-hms-hood-armament-set--ms-20015-236712-p.asp https://www.modelhobbies.co.uk/mk1-design-1200-hms-hood-value-detailing-pack--md-20016-235424-p.asp OC.

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