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  1. Murthy disguised as empty rattle can - it tricked me it said "Shake me shake me - I have enough inside" OC.
  2. Evening all, so back on these little fella's - painted the Red jackets on the first Three. OC.
  3. Indeed Ken, and to all me buddies over the pond have a great one OC.
  4. Very tidy work mate - you got those tree nails perfect not in your face just nice and accurate. OC.
  5. That is looking really nice - I too love the lines of the ship, we all panic over the first hull planking - thinking it looks rubbish - "boy I did with my Greyhound" but sanding is our friend. OC.
  6. Bit of progress (sort of) I took the wokka outside got the outdoor bench set up again with a box to put it on, got my rattle can RAF Green then after a warm up and thorough shake, I started spraying.................ups................splirt splirt got half the wokka done then it ran out😬 So as it stands its put away de gasing in the cupboard keeping the smell locked away, will have to wait now till the new year before I can finish it. Oh well I have my Waterloo figures to keep me out of trouble. OC.
  7. Thanks mate, they say the primer is the "Tell tail" as it shows up everything. OC.
  8. Yep - I'm a happy bunny now - how about you Ken? OC.
  9. Something fast and heat proof...........😁 OC.
  10. Every day you are making her look all the more sub like so wish @Kevin would say hi, he has a unique perspective on the subject and was not affraid of having several hundread feet of water above him.😉 OC
  11. Someone should build a cake in the shape of a heli. OC.
  12. Evening all, right Primer day - it was a bit fiddly as it had be done outside, the idea was to sit it on a box ontop of our covered deck bench, then spray what I could while walking around the wokka, then left it a few minutes to dry till I could pick it up and place it down so I could spray the underside, only issue I had was a bit of a run near the winch - I left it to dry for a few moments then rushed it inside still on the box and straight into our cupbaord. This evening I was able to check it out and give the run a light wet and dry - problem solved. OC
  13. Great work Kevin, do the bricks strengthen the assemblies up much - give them some rigidity? OC.
  14. I used to know a Pheasant Plucker - he was a really nice guy. OC.
  15. Evening to my band of following dudes and all who look over my little workflow - so I have started and completed the maksing ready for the primer/paint layers, the main entrance door was straight forward just Two doors joined together with tape then pushed inplace and held behind with blue tack, the other side window was covered with card and tape - the rear ramp area was covered with paper and tape and the upper ramp door secured with blue tack and tape and finaly the gearbox cutout has had some sponge pushed inside - so alreadfy now. OC.
  16. Its an old joke Lou - "You ever seen a Duckdo" - "whats a Duckdo" - "Quack" Ok - I'll get my coat........🙃 OC.
  17. Thanks Ken, much appreciated mate, was you able to fly an F4 on one engine if you had to shut down the other re - bird strike? OC.
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