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  1. I do like Stella as well - but the British have gone and weakened it from 5.2 down to 4.6 abv - they say its ot sabe on tax. OC.
  2. Evening all, so we started the day of by insisting that the "spoiled pooch" must come out on a dog walk, we decided to go a slightly longer route that takes us along an old canal then we normaly take a short cut under a train bridge and into our local park, but we were stopped in our tracks (excuse the pun) by a flooded underpass under the train line - we had no choice but to turn back. This added quite a distance to our dog walk we found a bench rersted up than went home - got in knackered. After dinner I decided I must do abit on the Chally - first off I decided to t
  3. Yep used to do that job with my dad - Twice we hand painted a car using tekaloid paints and big brushes out doors in the sun. OC.
  4. We take our own poop bags so should be ok - its that flipping long Catheter tube thats the pain though - all the way from the house.😁 OC.
  5. Nah mate our dog is way to spoilt for that - she sits in the armchair filing her nails, and tells us to make notes of whats going on - what dogs are out walking thier keepers - we have to give her a full rundown when we get back - then even do her some dinner - its a good life for some.😁 OC.
  6. Evening all, right - paintwork rectified, I made a bridge support that was stuck spanning under the turret ring from a lolly stick, I then attached Two of my large plastic clemps and this afternoon went out onto our patio and did the first of Two layers, they both went on without incident and no dust this time as I wore a new glove, I then put them aside to dry outside while we went for our dog walk, when we got back I gave them a check over and still fine and was dry enough/de gased to bring them inside. I will be doing some detail painting and building/painting the small sect
  7. Looking really good mate - thats a neat looking pic on your monitor 😉😊 Absolute pleasure to be able to help. OC.
  8. Same as Edward - sincerley sorry I missed your build log on this - atleast I have caught it now - loverly work indeed mate. OC.
  9. I thought the same Mark, just looks like an accident waiting to happen - like we see in the films... OC.
  10. Hi all, a wee bit of an update - I have managed to tidy up the hull, I used some small pieces of fine wet and dry - and gently rubbed over the areas where the dust specks were, did quite a good job, I have made a temp holding device in the shape of a lolly stick that spans under both edges of the turret ring its wedged one end and secured by a small clip the other - I will be able to hold it now without fear of it falling. So tomorrow I should be able to give it a bit more paint in a couple of light layers - same with the turret. I also decided to make the Chrome D
  11. Looking good, good move on filling in the lower ports at the stern, as they would have been a wee bit close to the sea from her extra weight, I see you are doing her with the 6in barbetts on her waist, cool if oyu have the brass barrels they will super nice. OC.
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