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  1. I would imagine that extra strengthening will add strength to the join, I remember my late farther building an R/C boat for me - he basicaly over engineered the hull - strengthening the hull and applying coat after coat of dope to the inside and outside hull followed by about 100 layers of paint. OC.
  2. I won't confess to knowing much about the subject (kind of missed learning about it) but I will say the info here is really first class, just waiting for the building to start now - I will start on the "munchies" while we wait. OC.
  3. Also an easy way to show interest just by a way of saying "Hi" without using words - is to look down the current activity down the Right hand side list and click on any subjects that you like / have some interest in / or subject you know about, even if you dont leave a comment you can just click "the like button". Our site is without doubt the lovliest most friendly site I have ever used in all my life. Just keep chatting/liking as like the Kevin Costner film "Bulid it - they will come - Chat and you will make friends / find answers to your questions"
  4. Thank you kindly Lou, hope your on the mend my friend. OC.
  5. So impressed with your work - so much devotion to your skills - hats off to you. OC.
  6. Thank you kindly Mark - I really appreciate that, I am quite pleased with the decs so far. OC.
  7. Evening all, more progress - firstly I glued down the Two seats then gave thier frames a few coats of Grey (still need the cushions painting) then I worked on the Two consol supports these have sone subtle wiring that after fitting I picked these out with Silver dry brushing, then it was the turn of the Instrument consol, this was given a few coats of Black then when dry it was decal time - these are Three seperate pieces for the instruments - they went down without fuss, then when set I brushed over a few coats of flat top coat. I then glued it in place and nest will be
  8. Mark will be along with the pop corn later - he now owns a Huge pop corn maker, that might have to sit on the deck also.😃 OC.
  9. Another Day in Paradise Phil Collins. OC.
  10. Yep, Spinosaurus - https://www.britannica.com/animal/Spinosaurus OC.
  11. Thats a good start - and that frame looks like it will make a lot of difference in taking the worry out of any miss-aligned frames. OC.
  12. Thats a really tidy well executed job of your first planking - very nice progress. OC.
  13. I always wanted a full size replica Mortory Sword but the admiral wasn't too impressed by the idea. OC.
  14. Evening all, I got some good progress on this today, remember I had masked up? well I applied a few coats of a mid Grey then dried them - this allowed me to remove the tape fairly quickly, it turned out ok with just a tiny amount of seepage - just a quick touch up fixed this, then I decided to weather the floor a bit as it would have seen a lot of movement - basic Earth wash all over then using a wet brush I removed most of it - then finished off with a rag the dried - doesn't look too bad. Next was to work on the cockpit parts - simple process cut them off clean them
  15. Yep at Chris said - just drag and drop them here in the box below your writing from your picture album. OC.
  16. Yep, I know some who would spend months even taking thier family on skirmishes they would turn into long holidays, you would see them all dressed fittingly. OC.
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