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  1. I have to admit - I have gone Really hyper paranoid about cleaning down every shopping item we have had delivered today, from bottles of pop to anything else that came into the house - I am probably going right over the top but I cant help it, this virus as really shook me to pieces and made me feel I have to make the house like a fortress and anything coming in food deliveries letters are foreign and dangerous. So what we had to day - we are good for about two weeks. OC.
  2. Man walks into a hardware store and asks for a Big Mack.................Just a typical joke of the present time. OC.
  3. Thank you Martyn, same with you and yours mate. OC.
  4. So glad things are helping Danny I so hope you continue to rise over the peak and find more health, you are right about our site here - its is a family - A very Special One. Stay strong Danny. OC.
  5. Some great research and a great start looking forward to seeing and reading more. OC.
  6. Evening all, So as I said - I have put Mossie away in a box and decided to start this, first off I looked over the spit-structions page one called for two sub assemblies that are lower hull wall sections that have a few fittings attached to them - lever's, covers and bottles, these were glued done then put aside, also I cut away the two fuselage sides - these needed the normal light tidy up and a pip cutting away, there was a few moulding holes that I filled with plastic putty, this was then put aside to set. So I have made a start - its a very very nice kit very good accuracy and quality the dry fit join of the fuselages is excellent. Sorry for the last pic - didn't know it was oof till after I took it. OC.
  7. Another excellent build - there was so much activity with B17's over this side of the pond during the war. OC.
  8. I might start this later today, as I have reached a stall with Mossie due to needing to Rattle can but I will wait till the risk of spray fumes aggravating the admiral. So I thought as Acrylic bottle paints give off zero fumes, I should be able to start building this and plan to get to the Rattle can stage for the frame sprays (with any luck things might have settled down in a few months time). OC.
  9. Yep, same as myself something about Tamiya kits made you think you had a kit a great quality - deffo the best "go to" kits. OC.
  10. Loving those pictures - takes me right back there have been some stunning 1/35 Armour kits created over time, always fancied doing the Accurate Armour resin kits but so expensive but the detail in them. OC.
  11. Lovely work with the close up details and shading I know what you mean with the camera showing up every detail - makes us all feel we need to detail at a more zoomed in level. OC.
  12. So PM announced on UK Tv tonight basic lock down will start Now with lots of restrictions and no go's seriously worried about getting our gas and electric top ups as we are on pre payment meters that need topping up from the shops. So I have to go out tomorrow taking a risk picking anything up passing it on to the admiral - I will again make sure I am covered up as much as poss. Just wish I could get enough credit on the card/key so I wont have to go out for months. Thats it rant over. OC.
  13. Your doing an excellent job with that cockpit. OC.
  14. Havn't used oil or fats in cooking in years - no need for it. OC.
  15. Hey! welcome aboard - looking forward to this your in good company . OC.
  16. Had a few days off, as even using Microset the admiral could smell it said it got up her nose like a vinegar smell, so I thought best not at the moment till I can get good ventilation like every door and window open. Cant wait to crack on with it though driving me nuts just being on the laptop hearing all the news so fed up with this virus already. OC.

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