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  1. There are lots of mistakes and it's not the same as orginal plans but this is my second model. I learned lots of thing from my model.. I hope you like it. Do not hesitate to criticize my mistakes, As you know I am new at this hobby and I know there are lot of things I should learn Awaiting for your comments
  2. Thanks for your all good words. I'm try my best, I painted my model.. Right now I have a few things to do, I hope it will finalized soon
  3. Dear Doreltomin, Thanks for your comment. Actually I learned lots of thing in this model. One of them is do not prefer to use Cianoacrylate in planking. You are right I think most of country using the same shape in their fisherman boats. Maybe it will be a good collection to build all countries fisherman boats Best wishes from Istanbul
  4. Thanks for your comment, Should I sand until all CA marks disappear or this will enough? After sanding I will glue the surface and sanding it again, before apply putty (is this term right or not i am not sure:) )
  5. When I planking process ,there are a few mistakes. I understand that how important the rules for modelling.. 1. I marked the damaged area and cut off damaged planks 2. Replank the damaged area 3. Sanding
  6. Hi again, The planking process is finaly done.. And started to sanding process. As you see attached photos there is lots of superglue marks.
  7. Hi, Could you check below photos and information for mini iron? I wondering could I use this for plank bending (180C degree) Without water - steam 180C degree (Stabil) 220v
  8. Thanks to all, When I posted this topic, I was very exciting, Right now I am checking and see that I have not put any comment on my posts:) I will be carefull about that and explain all steps to you.
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