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  1. first planking finished and second underway....pics to follow soon
  2. Gun ports well defined now as the first planking progresses.
  3. I am well underway now with the first planking.....been doing a lot of the furniture too and forward planning of the transom and quarter galleries to make sure they fit ok..
  4. Transom cast metal part has come up rather well.
  5. Some more first planking above the top deck, crossbeams(not yet fitted): going quite well at the moment. Will probably add a stern post as landlubber suggested. Cannons will be given a splash of yellow ochre paint. The last 3 months has seen me mad busy on the Corel kits. I have some brass letters arrived today to fix to Bellonas name plate now that she is completed.
  6. A few things I have completed today. The first couple of planks have been fixed both sides and one side the position of the gun ports has been sorted. I have also worked on the transom cast metal moulding which everyone knows how cast metal refuses to bend, so I stuck some strong duck tape on the reverse and deliberately snapped the moulding in two places giving enough play for the transom curve....once the moulding is painted the breaks will be virtually unnoticeable. The upper deck is not fixed yet.
  7. Well busy with the frames and bearding today.....dry fit of the top deck to check things, a little bit of grating and a cannon just to get the overall feel. One or two frames need a bit of adjustment but not going too badly. Going to concentrate on the sanding of the frames and transom for the next day or so.
  8. Hi Landlubber, Interesting thread about Unicorn.....I bought this kit for next to nothing and it is a very old version so I am going to continue it with no alterations and see what turns up. I had already noticed the curve on the transom so will see what happens when I alter the last bulkhead....I will continue to post pics in my thread. As it cost me only about £15.00 yes fifteen quid there is no real pressure regards wasting money if it all goes wrong. I am one of these builders that historical accuracy of the model doesn't bother me as much as others so can live with any liberties corel has made. Cheers.
  9. well with Bellona completed, Unicorn will get underway or should I say continue....I am going to try to complete this before the end of the year.....bit ambitious but here goes...
  10. Hamilton.....I think that anything you put on your feet with wheels should be outlawed...….I am a parachutist......the risks associated with parachuting don't come anywhere near those that contain wheels....especially if attached to ones feet......that one belongs to my son....he is a free climber and I know which one I prefer him to do......wheels and me don't mix....lol.
  11. she is full of little mistakes, oddities and down right rubbish Old....but that just adds to her charm.....the howlers are disguised well and TBH.....I don't actually like builds that are 100% perfect....to me they lack soul....well that's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it.
  12. it isn't too bad actually but you are more than welcome to contact me anytime.

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