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  1. tend to agree with a lot of what you say, and the personal agendas were blatantly obvious. As to whether it would have been shown if the results were different, not sure about that but again I probably agree with you on that also. You are not prejudiced in the way you think or what you say.
  2. it does have its limitations but for the yards it is ok
  3. Just watched a fascinating documentary of the Mary Rose and the DNA samples taken from several of the remains found on the ship after it was brought up from the Solent....it now transpires that fighting along side the English on board ship that day were at least two crewmen whose origins were from North Africa and from Italy and Spain.. Tudor England was more diverse than we realise.
  4. well there you have it...….all masts and yards completed....yards coloured black just need all the ropework.....Bellona....you nearly ended up in the breakers yard but we struggled on......only your rigging to go now.....what a 6 years...…...HMS Pegasus is beckoning.
  5. last of Bellonas yards being turned on my minicraft lathe attachment, this one being the mizzen topgallant yard.....6 long years to this point. Rigging ahoy.
  6. some of the yards completed minus the blocks and ropework...will be onto the rigging soon. Main yards and sprit yards shown here.
  7. I have used the metal gunports in my Bellona build....they are not supplied with Bellona but I quite like the contrast they give....highlights them and makes a feature out of them which I like.
  8. welcome to the world of corels metal gunports…...some fit fine whilst others don't...and some snap easily......I have loads of spares if you need any.....yours just ask
  9. it is a minicraft lathe attachment....not made anymore but can be picked up on ebay…...the two rods are not long enough in the kit so i bought some stainless steel rods to extend the range of the lathe.
  10. Main top sail and topgallant yards. Topgallant in the process of being turned.
  11. same here Bob......never coloured any of my timbers either.
  12. single malt whisky cabinet.....and a decent heater...
  13. yes spot on...the rest of the planking will replace the part of the false keel you remove.

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