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  1. you are not a million miles away from me...….Rishton near Blackburn..
  2. just getting a feel of the deck furniture for Unicorn....nothing fixed in place yet, but I like to get a feel for things as I progress.
  3. through piece 34 by the looks of it on the plans....drill through this and rest the end against bulkhead . it will then be supported by the hole and the bulkhead it butts up to
  4. I personally would drill through the bulkhead....smaller than the bowsprit then work it with a file to get the desired opening.
  5. as is normal with me, I disappear for a while then pop up again...…..workshop tidy today then will start again on Unicorn......
  6. I am well underway now with the first planking.....been doing a lot of the furniture too and forward planning of the transom and quarter galleries to make sure they fit ok..
  7. Some more first planking above the top deck, crossbeams(not yet fitted): going quite well at the moment. Will probably add a stern post as landlubber suggested. Cannons will be given a splash of yellow ochre paint. The last 3 months has seen me mad busy on the Corel kits. I have some brass letters arrived today to fix to Bellonas name plate now that she is completed.
  8. A few things I have completed today. The first couple of planks have been fixed both sides and one side the position of the gun ports has been sorted. I have also worked on the transom cast metal moulding which everyone knows how cast metal refuses to bend, so I stuck some strong duck tape on the reverse and deliberately snapped the moulding in two places giving enough play for the transom curve....once the moulding is painted the breaks will be virtually unnoticeable. The upper deck is not fixed yet.
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