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  1. Hi Guys, thank you so much for all your kind remarks. My wife is getting along nicely thank you. She has had M.S. for the past 35 years and she is undergoing some new treatment which will not cure it but we are hoping that it will stop it from getting much worse. As a consequence I'm not taking on any new big projects for the time being. I had planned to do a Victory but that is very much on the back burner now. Consequently I'm trying my hand at some Dioramas, which keep me occupied and don't take up too much time. One or two of you have been asking for photos with apologies to the administrators but these will be the last posts by me on here, so here goes. The last ones are still work in progress but the others are complete. Thank you guys for all your support.
  2. Hi guys I had a bit of a nightmare as I've had to spend so much time looking after my wife and travelling back and forward to various hospitals so I haven't been posting in my log as I should but I have finally completed my Bounty. Here are my final photos Please forgive the lack of detailed progress pictures. All I have to do now is make a base and a glass or perspex cover. Thank you all for following my build, i've thoroughly enjoyed doing it over the past two and half years. I have to say that the encouragement and advice gained from this site has been invaluable, thank you.
  3. Stunning work Mustafa, well done on completion. I look forward to your next project.
  4. Hi Guys, that was a long break and I've returned refreshed. I've managed to complete all the ratlines and most of the standing rigging but I've been sidetracked by building WW2 dioramas which I'm greatly enjoying. So I have two benches working at the same time . One with the Bounty and the other dioramas. Anyway here is where I'm at at the moment. I'm clearly out of practice at inserting photos and they are in the wrong order, but I'm sure that you get the picture.
  5. Apologies to those of you that follow my progress but I'm having a break at the moment. Having tried to do my ratlines in 30+degrees with sweat running down my face and not really enjoying it, I've decided to wait until the weather cools down. Have a great summer to you all.
  6. Hi Vinnie, just returned home after a month in UK and now catching up. Great work and so quick!! You must spend a lot of time on it but it is clearly paying off, nice one.
  7. Thanks Steve, good to hear from you. Progress is slow but I'm getting there. Doing ratlines at the moment and have already started again twice!! I keep telling myself I'm learning, albeit the hard way.
  8. OMG you were right OrLiN !! The top shrouds presented me with the biggest headache but I've got round it I think with a little bit of cheating (apologies to the purists). I decided to pin the shrouds in the holes with brass pins, wrap them with CA underneath and the cut them off. Seems to have worked thus far, here are the photos - I'll blacken off the pin tops when they are all done. I've progressed with the main mast shrouds and deadeyes and the air around here has been decidedly 'blue' I can tell you. However, I've learnt such a lot and as they say next time I hope they will look better - I took this photo as it looked the best then realised the third one from the left was wrongly tied up - Doh!! It's now been corrected. When I look at these close-ups I just want to tear it down and start again, but I'm taking the pragmatic view that I can only get better and hopefully I'll look on this with a smile in a few years time. Thank you for all the likes and comments
  9. Beautiful work as ever Vinnie and welcome to your new crew member. Like you I brush painted my hull and after I looked at a number of other logs on here and the quality of airbrushed paint looked far superior. So I persuaded my son to buy me an airbrush compressor for my 60th birthday and it's wonderful. It took a little practice but the results are great. Also I use it to give the whole model an acrylic varnish which protects it and doesn't affect the colour. It wasn't expensive - around £80 I think and then you'll need a couple of airbrushes plus cleaning kit. I would highly recommend it and if you need anymore info let me know.
  10. Hi Vic, thanks for the comments and I've tried to find your log but can't find it for some reason. I'm with you totally over the Constructo rigging instructions as they are non existent and for them to say just follow the drawing is a complete cop out. Thank goodness for sites like this and YouTube. Hope all goes well with your build and I look forward to viewing your log.
  11. Thanks for the comment OrLiN but I thought that trying to do as much of the rigging off the ship as possible was normal practice. Either way it seems much easier at the moment but perhaps I'll come up against a big problem later - we'll see.
  12. Thank you for your kind comment. The yards took a bit of time but I cut all the pieces and did each step as a production line. I'm lucky to have a small lathe which meant that the tapering of the yards from the provided dowels was relatively easy. The actual rigging and knot tying when you've big sausage fingers like mine is pretty tricky but rewarding.
  13. Hi Guys I've just re read my post above and realize that I've mentioned the shroud loops over the Mizzen Mast and didn't post a photo, so here goes You see what I mean, the loop is awful and those blocks are equally embarrassing so I changed both You'll see here the difference. I left the final seizing until it's placed in position. These blocks are much neater. I then re looked at the deadeye rigging, see the photos in the previous post. I wasn't happy with them so I re did them and after three attempts got the following result I know that the eyes aren't in alignment and the final tying off leaves much to be improved upon, but I'm happier with the result than before and I've learnt so much in the process, which is what this is all about in my book.
  14. Lovely work Vinnie, that Bluff Bow looks fantastic and the deck totally realistic, nice one.

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