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  1. Cafmodel has done it again. Another great kit! Thank you guys for what you do. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Better New Year. Also for your New Year when it comes up in February. Also, I just ordered the Kit. Thanks Tom! Tim
  2. I would not go to the 1/350 scale. I think that the 1/144 Revell kit would be a better choice. Much more detail, also there is a great after market etch kit that would give you greater detail. Yes! it will cost you more money, but worth the money well spent! Tim
  3. I strongly recommend that you go to the NRG website. At the NRG store you can order the Kit set so you can start the project. It is well worth the money. Check it out! It is well worth your time. Tim
  4. I have this kit. I hope to start it in the next few days. I am a terrible model builder and I think your new post will help greatly! Thank You, for this Tim Murphy
  5. Tom, I just received the missing parts the other day. Thank You for sending then out. Tim Murphy 0L
  6. Tom, I went through Box one on the kit. As with other people I also am missing part # E1 & E2.. Sorry to add to your woes on the great kit. Tim Murphy
  7. Clare, once you have the sails up on the mast, Druxey’s idea of the hair dryer will help. Why not some spray starch to give the sail some body. Tim
  8. Tom, I got my kit in yesterdays UPS delivery. Wow! What an amazing kit that you have supplied to us. I can not believe all the parts that make up this mailing. All the additional parts that you have supplied! Thank You for your talent in developing this kit. I hope my build will come out as nicely as you have shown us. Tim Murphy
  9. Clare, I do think that you are on the right track with the pattern of your sail construction. They definitely have the correct appearance. Great progress! Tim
  10. Just because I got my parts in two days and others have waited weeks does not reflect the quality of our model parts. UPS, The Post Office, and all our carriers are under incredible strain. Chuck is working as hard as he can producing parts and kits for us. All are working incredible hours! We should be thankful that we can do this with COVID-19 around the corner. Tim Murphy
  11. Pete, so sorry! You see you should have stayed in New H., and or Mass.. Today its been clear and the 70’s. Also, I would have been a closer a Teacher! Tim
  12. OYG! Another amazing build to see develop and grow into a great kit. Good luck to you! Tim Murphy Also, I can not wait to get my kit now that it’s finished.
  13. Gary, I really am hoping that we will see your model at next April’s North East Conference in New London, Conn. I would be very sad if COVID cancels this meeting again. Your ship is so well done and realistic. The wood is so well weathered and sea worned. This build is art unto its self. You have shown me so much that I hope I can use it my models. The best thing about these projects is that they are teaching tools. Thank You Tim Murphy
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