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  1. Chuck, as of today the Guild has listed 90 models that are in competition. So, my guess is that we will have more than 100 models. We had to rent more display tables for the show. So,we will the makings of a very good show. I know that the Constitution Guild will be well represented. Rob Napier will be our speaker. We will have plenty of raffle prizes. And, I expect that New Jersey will be well represented. Hope to see you next Saturday! Tim Murphy
  2. Peter, very good to see your post. Looking forward for your next progress on your ship. Your hull work on Fair America is so clean and crisp. It always amazes me. By the way, what are the paint colors that you used? The colors look so correct for this period ship. Take care, and all my best! Tim Murphy
  3. I still say, excessive Rope buyers should be keel hauled bow to stern. We could use one of the Perry Class frigates in the Philly navy yard basin! Tim
  4. Frank, this build is the best model that you have ever done, by far! This is better than Vasa and I thought that was great. The build is clean, crisp and neat. The colors are bright and neat. I hope that you can bring this to the Conference, October 2nd! Question? What brand is the red paint? It looks as if it is a good solid color with little transparency. Tim Murphy
  5. Ryland, After seeing your build and Tom's Sail instructions I have started the boat again. The first one was a complete mess! How did you glue the the planks to the frame? The planking looks so good! Tim Murphy
  6. Tim I hope you can enlighten me on the following. If not who can? I have it in my mind to sign up for the NE event in October however I have been informed that I must have a surgical procedure that may put me in recovery just before the  October event. The problem is a backlog of non emergency procedures at our hospitals. If I collide with the event timing what is the policy on refunds please?


  7. I think that a horder taking that much New Rope from the masses of good Syren modelers should be KEEL HAULED from a good an serviced Warship moored at the Philadelphia naval basin. Bow to Stern
  8. I am very pleased that you and your model will be there. If we have models like yours on display we will have a great show. Tim
  9. Please, who cares whether this is the correct rig or not! This is a damm fine model that I could never do. I admire Druxey’s skill that is the top of the hobby. Lets not over analyze this model to death. It is a great piece of building! Tim
  10. Gary, the Northeast Ship Model Conference will be held this October 2nd, Saturday 2021 at the Port 'N' Starboard Banquet center, New London,CT. It would be a real treat to see your Stonington Trawler at this show. It is one of the finest models that i have ever seen and should be showed. It you are interested please note the web site address (www.usscmsg.org/nsmc). I hope to see you there. Tim Murphy
  11. Chuck, this is great news because your rope is the best out there. I have not seen anything better! Hope we will see new stock at the Northeast Conference. Tim
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