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  1. HMS Codrington at Dunkirk. Done this afternoon, Commission for a guy who's father was evacuated aboard her w/c A4
  2. A Dog and Vosper 16" X 12" Watercolour
  3. Thames Some river traffic. w/c 6" X 4"
  4. Thank you both for commenting. I tend to 'build' a painting as I go, the HDML came along to fill the fore ground still got some smoke and Balloons for the town. The world was coal burning in those days, so the pic, as is, is not really true. I was born and brought up in Edinburgh, which was nick named 'Auld Reekie' .
  5. Mersey Return Two Flowers and an HDML W/C 14" X 10"
  6. Today's trip. HMCS Prince Rupert river class
  7. Another little 'un an early Flower in Convoy w/c 6" X 4"
  8. Thank you both for commenting. The beauty of my 'little trips' is that it’s easy to come back from. Like being a Grand parent. Nice to have the grandkids, but nice to hand them back. I have been off painting for a while, really only doing the stuff for the 'Lore Museum' in Arkhangelsk. I’ve been told it will become part of a permanent exhibition of the a Russian Arctic Convoys. Jim
  9. This afternoon's little trip to the North Atlantic. HMCS Assiniboine. watercolour 6” X 4”
  10. Up to the Skipper....... me I’d call in an air strike!
  11. Thanks, I enjoy doing them. The Chase This afternoon's adventure . The Chase from my imagination W/C 6” X 4”
  12. Try out for a book cover, although the only bit used would be the U boat and Corvette. It illustrates a passage in the book. I don’t like the back ground . I'll do another, just the ‘portrait' bit this time.
  13. 'Royal Yaucht' Gothic passing the Needles watercolour 14" X 10"
  14. Thank you for your comments and words of encouragement. My paintings seem to go in trends. I was heavily 'into' the Bolitho books, which lead to me trying to research Dockyard ancillary craft ( didn’t find a lot but led to the Stepping the foremast pic). so I did several paintings based on the Napoleonic period . The Bucklers Hard one is based on a model I remember seeing. I am presently back on Arctic Convoy stuff in relation to the 80th anniversary of the arrival of the first Russian Convoy in Arkhangelsk, and the 'Marina Raskova' disaster. My wife and I have been invited to take part, in conjunction with an exhibition of a selection of my paintings at the Arkhangelsk Local Lore Museum. Unfortunately due to several reasons, not least Corona Virus, we won’t be able to take part. However I take it as an honour to be asked. Jim
  15. Third in the 'Marina Raskova' series. Minesweeper T114 torpedoed with heavy loss of life. W/C 14” X 10”
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