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  1. SPRAY Russel & Co Aberdeen 1932 Ellis & MacHardy SPRAY 1932-1962. 1963 SIMOUN 02/09/76 Fire at Latakia 12/76 Broken up at Perama Watercolour 13”X 10” Jim
  2. Brocklebank steamer Makalla, passing a Trawler. Both ,”Doing business on great waters” Watercolour 11” X 9”
  3. Foggie Thames Afternoon quickie Jim W/C 11” X 7”
  4. Morning Roundup L to R Empire Steel Head ; HMCS Esquimalt; T2Tanker Capitol Reef. In Convoy Watercolour 15” X 11” Jim
  5. Exercise Red Flag.Quickie done this morning “ at 10 feet we were leaving a mini sand storm, so we gained altitude to 20 feet” 14” X 11” Jim
  6. Northern Gem Just felt like painting the ship, I like the 'pose'. Good practice for filling in the bits you can’t see, all about suggestion. I wasn’t paying attention when rigging the foremast, however if you don’t know Trawlers you probably won’t notice. Jim Ps this was written for posting on 'art' sites W/C 13” X 10”
  7. Demobilisation After WW2. HMS Northern Wave (and her sisters) returned to their peace time occupation of Deep Sea Fishing. They hunted fish in the same waters they had hunted U Boats. Although now they didn’t have to face Bombs and Torpedoes, they still had the old enemies of the cold and the sea. Now it wasn’t Cargoes for Russia. Now it was Cod for the dinner table!? Watercolour 11” X 9” Jim
  8. I joined the RN Jan 1958 (after a year and a bit in the MN) the year the film came out.
  9. HMS DEXTEROUS Rescue Tug, not an actual event, but I’m sure typical of many. W/C 15” X 10” Thanks Lou, Sub and Tug sounds good. Saw The Key in the Cinema. Heres something different. Not Naval, but once apron a time the RN had Armoured Cars! Mobile Sand Castles!.Two Abrams MBT's somewhere out east!. a little bit out of the comfort Zone, but quite similar to painting Ships
  10. HMS DEXTEROUS Rescue Tug, not an actual event, but I’m sure typical of many. W/C 15” X 10”
  11. A different view of Scapa Flow Hot out of the comfort zone! 'The Grim Reapers', Reaping the Barley and stacking the stocks, its somewhere above Scapa Flow, now why would I do that?. At some later date I could still put half The Grand Fleet in it, or the High Sea' Scuttle!. W/C 12” X 9”
  12. She 'entertained' another guest from the Land of the Rising Sun four days later, with much the same results. jim
  13. 09 May 1945 HMS Formidable was hit by a Kamikaze. W/C 14” X 11”
  14. Today is ANZAC Day the anniversary of the Gallipoli landings. Particularly remembered in Australia and New Zealand. Something to stir a bit of history, a small event during the campaign. HMS Albion HMS Canopus tows Albion off a sandbank off Gaba Tepe in the Dardanelles, HMS Lord Nelson approaching to assist. "......later they got more guns moved up into position and began to belt away fast and furious, many bursting over our heads. At 7am Lord Nelson arrived and by that time things began to hum a bit";
  15. When I post one of my paintings a friend ( 'tidies it up' digitally and sends it back . Here are some. Jim

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