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  1. 'Fisher Lassie' heading out. w/c 16” X 11”
  2. Thanks for commenting. I enjoy doing them. Jim
  3. 'Silver Darlings'. Herring Drifters on the shoals w/c 16” X 11”
  4. Steam Trawler'Daily Chronicle' some where 'up north' w/c 16” X11”
  5. Todays pic. On the Banks after Cod. w/c 19” x 11”
  6. Sail Training Schooners ,Malcolm Millar and Sir Winston Churchill passing the Bass Rock. w/c 16” X 11”
  7. This afternoon's painting “Haven't seen a U Boat around here, have you”? ML and schooner off the east coast of Canada. w/c 16” X 11”
  8. ML and Corvette stand by a surrendering U boat off the Canadian Atlantic coast w/c 16.5” X 11.75
  9. Capture and sinking of U744 LtoR HMCS StCatherines HMS Icarus U477 HMCS Chilliwack watercolour 16.5“ X 11.75”
  10. I was born and brought up in Leith, and lived there for a while after the Navy. I was in the Fire Service for three years then transferred to Fife so the kids could grow up out of the city. Still in Fife and love it. Jim
  11. HMS Dolphin passing St Abbs Head with some local inshore fishing craft HMS Dolphin (1882) was a screw sloop launched in 1882. She served as a submarine depot ship in WW1 She foundered in 1925 but was beached then salvaged and used as a school ship in Leith. She was broken up in 1977. I did my 'Carering Boy' training in her , straight from school in 1956.
  12. HMCS Rockcliffe on escort duty in the North Atlantic. w/c 16.5” X 11.75”
  13. Dusk, WW2 heading out into the Channel.Polish MGB's Sally Forth looking for trouble. w/c 16" X 11" Jim
  14. Hot off the Brush. Thames Estuary on a blustery day. w/c 14” X 10”
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