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  1. Twenty years younger and a great deal better off and I might have considered it Jim
  2. Thanks for commenting Chad. I’ve been looking a Civil War stuff, and it looks interesting, so a good chance I’ll get round to doing something. Latest one German Heavy Cruiser 'Prinz Eugen' escorting the Battleship 'Bismarck' (right) into Grimstadfjord Bergen May 1941. 13” X 9” Watercolour Jim
  3. This afternoon's painting. Corvette HMCS Arvida and Sloop HMS Mermaid passing stores by Line Watercolour 13” X 10”
  4. Inferno A torpedoed Tanker sinking by the bows with a corvette standing by to pickup survivors ………perhaps! W/C 13” X 8”
  5. Running for Home w/c 13”X 9” Jim
  6. Minesweeper HMS Halcyon and Liberty Ship (take your pic for a name!) in ice off the Kola Inlet Watercolour 12” X 7” Jim
  7. 'U' class Submarine heading up the Tay to HMS Ambrose Dundee's Submarine Base W/C 13” X 10” Jim
  8. Early in the morning on Sunday 10 May 1719 HMS Worcester, HMS Flamborough and HMS Enterprise anchored off Eilean Donan and sent a boat ashore under a flag of truce to negotiate. When the Spanish soldiers in the castle fired at the boat, it was recalled and all three ships opened fire on the castle for an hour or more.The next day the bombardment continued while a landing party was prepared. In the evening under the cover of an intense cannonade, a detachment went ashore in the ships' boats and captured the castle against little resistance. According to Worcester's log, in the castle were "an Irishman, a captain, a Spanish lieutenant, a serjeant, one Scotch rebel and 39 Spanish soldiers, 343 barrels of powder and 52 barrels of musquet shot."The naval force spent the next two days and 27 barrels of gunpowder demolishing the castle. 13” X 10” Jim
  9. A destroyer patrols Scappa Flow in moonlight during WW1 Approx 18" X 9" on Mount board Jim
  10. Sorry I don’t have any. However you have planted a seed!. So far it is a period I haven’t really looked at, so you never know. jim Gouache. I am not a Watercolourist in the true sense. I Paint using watercolour paint, but use the same technique with oils acrylic or gouache . These days I mostly use watercolour. jim
  11. Sorry I don’t have any. However you have planted a seed!. So far it is a period I haven’t really looked at, so you never know. jim Fishing on the Grand Banks jim
  12. Sorry I don’t have any. However you have planted a seed!. So far it is a period I haven’t really looked at, so you never know. jim
  13. Thank you all for your comments jim
  14. It would be. After the war, she was chartered by HMG and converted for Trooping. I think she did about 6 trips. jim
  15. Murmansk “It’s not over till the 'Fat Lady' sings” After Fighting it’s way across thousands of miles of hostile ocean, Russian Convoys still had to endure frequent air attacks. The 'Front Line' was less than 50 miles from Murmansk W/C 16” X 11” Jim

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