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La Belle 1624 by cabrapente - FINISHED

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okay. after many laps and to make rules of three, I got the plans for the keel and frames at the same scale. average levels of frame, the photocopied one by one, in a sheet, leaving room, and when bent, the center line, place them in a window, and can trace very well. these, I've got 4 copies, to cut, assemble frames, and leave a "new for what might happen"





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wow. I myself believe it. is contrary to what I thought, very easy to do on the advice of the veterans. the glue stick, easy to use, and comes off with just teach the lija.hoy could do 3 frames, but it costs a lot less than with the victory, and are infinitely better.





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Well as I worked so hard to make the nose, I began to doubt the blueprints. so I got to ride over to see what happens.

I think the plans are almost well. the frame 10, I have to repeat it, because the court much. and the nose, I also have to change. When finished sanding frames, check again.










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September 2010.

While I have serious doubts. the boss (who has won heaven), has promised me monograph fleuron him, but I do not have room for that bug. and lower levels, if not reliable, apart from the added expense .... la belle, I can go with it, but I have to modify measures because the planes are not well. and want to do something that fits reality. therefore. is there anyone who has made the belle, and want to sell your flat? Do you know any other monograph bower, which is written in Spanish? thank you all.
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uff I found a century. I already have the monograph. I'm reading and begin to make photocopies. now to start from scratch.


this afternoon I prepared the original frames on paper. first photocopied the plane. - I cut each frame. - the photocopied individually, leaving room. - the bend in the middle and the sticker in a window, or a glass table with a lamp debajo.mañana, repeat them three times. two, to glue on the wood and cut. another template to use when attached. that is, the keep.









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contrary to what I thought, I find it harder with the monograph, as before. I mean. before (to victory) if something did not fit, he added or took away asking me. Now, the first thing is to try to learn the names and take them to the plane. and once I find out, get a picture as faithful as possible to build the piece. but more I read, the more things I discover. every night I fall asleep reading and locating parts of the ship






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Good. I caught one by one, measures the height of the frames, in the plane No. 7. and one by one the measures in ls frames planes 4 and 5.

are not accurate. no frames, which are not drawn whole. and there is much left over at the top. my question is cut for your site. I will guide me along the line n º 7.If each leaf of each frame, I marked the heights. Anyone can tell me if it is correct? what rules, is the vertical line on the right, which is the height in the plane No. 7. so I checked all the leaves. Thank you.


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