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Bristol Cutter Sail Control

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Ok I know there was some info and posts about this on MSW 1...... fast forward to MSW 2


I am coming up to my 65th birthday and My sweet wife will pool with her family to get me the right stuff for my Bristol Pilot Cutter.


Here is a picture of the sailplan




What do I need?



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It is a little telling that no one given an answer on this.  I think this forum doesn't have as many RC builders as static ship builders.  I'm still figuring out the details of the small RC I'm putting together.  I kind of plan on winging it a bit.  For the most part as long as the lines connect to the servo's and it functions properly then you got it.


You may stop by an RC shop though.  The one by me was very helpful and encouraging.  I hope to start a build log after I get a few more ship in bottle commissions and requests done.

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Mike - Let me give it a stab. As I understand it you want to scratch build a model of this cutter and R/C it. Sorry I didn't answer sooner I have been heads down on my static build.


Let me begin by asking a few questions -


What is your target scale? ie how big do you plan for the hull?

Do you have R/C sailign experience?

How many channels are you planning to operate?

Do you want to be able to tack both the staysail and the jib? And waht are your plans for the topsail?


I also suggest you contant the AMYA (American Model Yacht Association) http://www.theamya.org/ They have information on just about anything with sails and R/C.

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I only know enough about RC to cause problems, but . . .


Most of the RC sailboats I've seen are sloops with a main and a jib on a boom. I believe they are run off the same servo. The flying, non boomed jib could be more of an issue since the amount of sheet the servo would have to take in is quite large. Floyd would certainly know more about it than me. :P


The main topsail is easy because it's an extension of the mainsail control-same servo (unless you want to get fancy and put a gaff vang on her :D).


You might look at what these guys do








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Lets deal with the important thing --- Happy Birthday ----


Good Luck on the other minor stuff. Hope that you find what your looking for on this project and have the Birthday that you want. Happy Birthday again.


Later 42rocker

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Hello Michael 


To control a sailing boat like that  ,you will need a 4 ...6 chanel radio unit 


One control is for the main sail 


One control to the gibs ,or two independent control for the gibs 


One control to the ruder 


One control for the auxiliary motor with a electronic speed control ( Reverse forward )


You can made the control with a radio of two  controls , one for all the sails and the other for the ruder 


But is a great effort for the sail winch


You have to control the sails a HITECH  drum servo ,also a Graupner regatta ( more expensive)


To the ruder you need a 3003 FUTABA servo is good !


Well ! Keep your fantastic work 


I shall post the squemas of the sail control with the servos 

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I have a similar R/C Sailboat and it is only 2 channels. It is not that hard to build. Carlos is correct that you will need a High torque winch for the sail control. a good HiTec can be found for about $55. I can show you how to set it up without using a drum. I also have some spare parts that I might be able to share for a small price.

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Quite a while ago I built this "freestyle"cutter to no particular plan but some rather sketchy drawings on scrap pieces of paper. It is 1.4 meters overall from stern to bowsprit.


Irun it on a six channel transmitter, though I only really use three channels - one for rudder, one for the sail winch and a third for the emergency motor (fwd only) in case I'm becalmed in the middle of the pond. That has happened occasionally.


I'm still learning how to attach files but I hope that the second picture shows the sail winch working on a "closed loop"system. The mainsail sheet is attached to one end of the loop and the jib sheet on the other.  

I did experiment with a second winch to control the flying jibs but found that that was more trouble than it was worth. They now are both on loose sheets and they move over the forestay by wind power.

There is a lot of good information to be found on another forum: www.modelboatmayhem.com.

Hope this helps.




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