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Lathe - ZHOUYU Model Z20002

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To be honest... I'd say save your money on that machine.  It's actually part of something they make called  a 6-in-1 machine that I don't believe anyone has got to work right.


Look at the machine Mario suggested or goto  www.LittleMachineShop.com.  There's a lot of good info on lathes there.


I'm assuming that you want to turn both metal and wood, right?    Metal lathes can turn metal but not the other way around.


 Excellent wood lathes can be had for a very reasonable prices.  For a metal lathe, do research as these can be had for several hundred up to several thousand dollars, depending on what you'll doing.  For a hobby machine, see the link I gave.... there's good advice and tutorials on using them.


And be aware, that it's real easy to spend more than the price of the machine on good tooling and accessories.


Disclaimer...  I own the MM lathe. 

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Ask yourself what you will use the lathe for before you start. Defining your needs will help you focus on the machine you actually need. Wood turning? Metal turning? Both? What is the longest item you may need to turn? What is the largest diameter? These are starter questions even before considering budget.

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I am looking for a lathe. I see a Chineese Manufacturer is offering a Lathe for about $100. I see them on E-Bay.  Is this machine worth buying? Any thoughts. 


Typically I would lathe Delrin Plastic or hardwoods.


Thanks - Bill

Bill as Mark says. Metel is a whole different animal. But as you mention plastic and wood I gave you my opinion. I also turn pens. Both wood and acrylic. So both lathes will handle what you suggested with no problem.



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