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HM Cutter Cheerful 1806 by barryww - Syren Model Ship Company - Scale 1:48

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It's time to muddy my boots and wade into the waters of logging my attempt at building the HM Cutter Cheerful by the Syren Ship Model Company.  I fretted over several different ships to build.  But in the end, it was an easy decision choosing this model, as Chuck Passaro's on-going log will certainly provide instruction for me like no other kit out there could approach.  It won't be a scratch-build per se, however, although like any model there is a certain amount of that involved.  I purchased the Cheerful plans along with the laser-cut bulkheads, keel, stem, and stern frames.  I also purchased the windless mini kit, turned brass carronades and long guns, their carriages, plus the skylight mini-kit.  That should help this novice builder's chances of success.  All this is presently in-route for delivery.   I have contacted Jason over at Crown Lumberyard and am ordering the complete Cheerful Castello Boxwood package...all sheets...as I'll cut my own planks (hey, that's scratch-building!) as needed when I line off the hull.  That should provide plenty of wood for all the building.  But I also have some real nice sheets of mahogany that I also plan to use as it suits me.  OK, I've read many articles, followed along with many builds here.  I think the best advice I've read anywhere is to slow down, and don't put any piece on the model until I'm satisfied...and to have fun.  All I have is time, and I'm going to follow that advice.  Hope you'll follow along.







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Thank you for making it possible. I received your kit about three days after you mailed it. Just waiting on my boxwood sheets to arrive now. But planning to start with the false keel and bulkheads this weekend. That boxwood isn't cheap but it will make all the difference in the world I think.

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Just a small update.  I'm presently working on a 6 ft hobby table as well as awaiting delivery of my Byrnes table saw, so no gluing has been done yet.  But here are a couple pics:


A pic of laser cut Cheerful parts from Chuck, plus another pic of some mahogany and boxwood sheets on top of a new large cutting mat. I also just bought locally a 3" x 3" x 24" castello boxwood piece of finished lumber for $17, so even though my Byrnes saw hasn't arrived, I'm already saving some dough, because I know what milled sheets cost. Wish they had more than one piece 'cause I would have bought every one they had. Heck of a deal!



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A small update. I needed to build a workspace for constructing the Cheerful, and over the past several weekends came up with this.  A solid core door from Lowes completed the benchtop.  I'll start posting my building photos this week of the Cheerful, but will be taking my time as I'm in no hurry.  Feel free to comment or just follow along as I'm most interested in just creating a visual build log of my progress for myself.  Critiques are more welcome than cudos, so use a critical eye as you watch, please, and thanks.




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