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Chair Briwax,Strange but probably useful glue

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The other day during last week, I made a visit to my local WoodCraft, to get some glue of various kind.

A week prior to my visit I had recieved a news letter with savings, ..... put it this way, I paid 76 dollars for huge drill bit set along with five different type of glues, and saved almost 40 dollars.

This is one of them, which I am very curious about.

The Chair Briwax is to be used as a First-Aid for Ailing Chairs............. but then my mind started...

 Becuse this glues works as a filler as well. On the other hand it is not sandable according to what I have read.

This is what the back of reads:

ChaiRX Joint First Aid Glue by BRIWAX International works by penetrating the wood cells, swelling the joints and locking the glue in the fiber of the wood. The unique formula permanently swells the joints and bonds them together.

I could see this glue to be useful when it comes to framing of all the ships of ours.

I have to try the product and test will be attached later.....post-967-0-97529300-1451891545_thumb.jpg

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I think this is used mainly to repair or replace broken spindles or loose legs on wooden chairs. I have seen a similar product (not sure what it was called) and iirc it acted sort of like the urethane based Gorilla Glue where the tenon of the spindle would swell to fit the mortise and the two sides would bond together as if the joint were new

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From the MSDS's and names, I'd surmise that both start as an aqueous emulsion but the Briwax product cures to an acrylate rather than an acetate (from acrylic acid rather than acetic acid). 


But my organic chemistry is really really rusty, so I'll defer to anybody who has better knowledge or information.



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Hi Per,


I believe the product you are showing is something very similar to Chair-loc. It's been around for a long time. Chair-loc not a glue at all. It is used to repair chairs where the a spindle has become loose in its socket. It actually works by causing the spindle to swell and lock into into the socket. It's not used by professional restorers because the joint can't be undone if for some reason you need to. Another reason is that if the joint becomes loose again, it won't work a second time as well as ruining a possible good glue joint.




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