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Norwegian Steamship 1880-1900

The Old Man

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Hi "The Old Man",


welcome to the forum, recommend  that after a short introduction of yourself and your aim, you kindly provide your fellow members what exactly you are seeking for...., so maybe we can give better assistance...

Side wheelers and steam /sailships are not less "Steamships". I can imagine that you perhaps may want to look at early Hurtig Route coastal steamers...


here a little link with names of Norwegian steam ships, perhaps in a second run it can be checked out if there perhaps are kits available




Sort out those around turn of the century



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Thanks!     The s/s Bohuslän looks pretty close. I never noticed it before. Maybe I can tweak it.  Extend the hull and add a stack.


Yes, the SS Islander was built in Scotland 1880.  It is now lying in 360 feet of water off Admiralty Island with a reported 130 million dollars of gold on board.  Part of the SS. Islander was salvaged and dropped onto the beach 1929. Some gold was recovered. I have explored those remains which are visible at low tide.


I want to build it.


Has anyone built the s/s Bohuslän before?  I did a site search, shows nothing here.

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Nils did a magnificent model of the Bohuslan (I think based on the Billings kit):




The Curtis-Wiley Diving machine used in the 1929-1934 salvage operations of the Islander was an amazing piece of steampunk gear--might make an interesting diorama...




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Thanks!     That's what I was looking for.  


Look's like I may be able to tweak the kit.


There will be another attempt to recover the SS Islander gold:




I know a guy who dove it about ten years ago illegally. He collected some cups and dinner plates. He's gone now.




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Theres a couple of pics from the unboxing of the kit on my log, examples of the manual also. But beware, the quality of the kit leaves a lot to be desired. 

But on the other hand it's cheap, and as usual you get what you pay for...  ;)



I wonder if the kits are the same?


  US price is $395 for the  NC35-1006 Nordic Class Boats s/s Bohuslän  at "Ages of Sail". Another $50 shipping.     For over $400 I would expect some kind of quality.  Plus I'm concerned with the poor material used to build some interior rooms.



The S/S Bohuslan looks more like the SS Princess Sophia.  Which I am also wanting to build. 

Not much gold..........but a huge loss of life.  A grizzly tale when SS Princess Sophia resurfaced with all the bodies on board.   http://www.sitnews.us/Kiffer/PrincessSophia/120505_princess_sophia.html


In my area, there are two kinds of boaters. Those who have hit rocks, and those who will hit rocks.

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In Sweden I payed about $ 290 with shipping and I got the LED kit for free. Guess it costs a lot to ship the crap overseas...  :P


My opinion is that you're better off without it.



I am agreement with you on that.    Are there any plans available to scratch build the S/S Bohuslan?  or a ship of similar design?

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Hi T.O.M.,


as you have been looking for assistance

let me kindly do two suggestions for your search......


one is the beautiful Alaskan "Portland" steamer late 1880, kit of "Bluejacket Models". I know from your early posts that you are not so fond of side wheelers, but this one in silhuoette, tonnage and length and decks comes quite close to the "Islander" and may have been transporting some of those goldrush fortune seekers. It also has two stacks, but they are next to one another.....


the other is a real Oldtimer eyecandy model kit, its the "Panderma Ferry" of Turkmodel, appr. 1881 or so...



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