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I'm currently building a billing boats, Lilla Dan. In my previous models I have used Humbrol paint (I use brush, not airbrush" I don't like the quality of the Humbrol paint. Is Tamyia a good option, and if yes which Tamyia. Or any other brand? I will order through cornwalllmodels. Also, anyone got a link to a crossreference chart between different brands? For example between Humbrol and Tamyia

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For cross-referencing of various hobby paint manufacturers (like Tamiya and Humbrol) try the IPMS Stockholm website www.ipmsstockholm.se . The site is in Swedish but the Helpdesk is in English and will lead you to Urban's Colour Reference Charts Part 2, where you will find charts for the major brands.


Be advised that the cross-referencing is really only approximate, but it will give you some ideas.



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First of all,  först och främst: Very warm :sign:, varmt Välkommen till Världen av Modell Skepp

as we would say in Sweden.

I don't know how to help you..... för saken jag har ingen aning.... :) lätt skratt

IPMS has been around for a long time, so yes try them.

Then I have a question: What is that brig you have for avatar?

As for your question about paint:

look at this website from ipms

if you have any questions: this is the site and many of us are using many languages.... I am fluent in Swedish.


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That's a picture of the actual Lilla Dan which I'm currently building. The full scale ship is located in Copenhagen. I found a Lilla Dan Billing Boat kit from around 1960-1970 on Blocket (swedish Ebay) that someone had saved for many years. But it seems ok even if it's old.


My main question is which brand of paint to use since I'm not happy with the quality of Humbrol Enamel anymore. And I don't have experience from anything else than Humbrol.


I will check the website you recommended.

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I too use a brush to apply paint.  I have had good results using Testors Model Master acrylics.  They go on smoothly and I haven't had any issues with brush strokes showing at all.  The key for me has been to do multiple thin coats.  You can check my build log for photos of the finish I have gotten, and judge for yourself if it meets what you are looking for.



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Hi Robbe33


Maybe this site will help you. You can even upload a picture and it tells you which color from whcih brand you could use you can also filter on brand.




I have used Revell enamel but I started now to use MM Acryll I think this is very good paint indeed.


Good luck


all the best 



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