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Loggher Le Coureur 1775 by Leo-zd - 1:120 - SMALL - Paper

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Another project..
Better to say a bit of experimenting

Time ago I found the paper model for Le Coureur, and for the first I decided to made the hull, to see the lines and how do the paper works in this case. In meantime I found drawings from iconography, in small scale, but my intention is to made a small scale.
As I started with LN in 1:120 (in fact 1:119) I decided that it will be my standard scale so reduced the drawings .

I haven't the requested paper but used some envelopes and made some copies, glued together.

For fast and straight gluing I use PVA glue and the iron for faster work. (also with iron prevent the elements to deforms due to the water from PVA glue)

I made the skeleton and that was like a playing.. but the lines seemed nice so I decided to continue.

But the hull made from paper wasn't too nice, many panels are deformed like on the real steel boats.

So I fixed the paper with CA glue and then applied the mono-component car's putty (IMPA) which regularly is used on plastic modells

Few repeating of sanding and applying the putty, final coat of liquid fine putty Mr Surfacer and sanding with paper 1000  to obtain clear surface.

The next step will be the second layer of boat's hull, it will be done with styrene strips












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Today's visit to tailor's shop :D
But the tailor, instead of calk, used the marker so the signs remained.

In fact the marker was too big so at the end used it as a base and scribes the division on the hull.

In the middle it is 14 sections of 2,85mm (in fact 3,5mm for the overlapping of the klinker) at the ends it is 2,5 and 2,7 mm without klinker.




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