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  1. Hi all, Not all gardens have vegetables.... .... My Pitch and Chip area is coming along nicely, will be adding decorative bushes and flowers when the configuration is finalized. Hopefully this will make my 40 yard and in game awesome...
  2. Yep Denis, another nice build.... As I always say " if you're not working on more than one , you're slacking "....
  3. Hi Mike, Thanks for your comments. I think the key to getting a circular wheel is using 16 spokes. All I did with mine was to set spokes 4 at a time on imaginary compass points starting with N S E W, then I just split each space equally until all 16 spokes were used. After finding a common measurement between the spokes I cut the connecting pieces at 10 degrees and glued them into place 4 at a time using the compass points. I have done other wheels with 8 or 12 spokes and they weren't as round as I wanted. So in my opinion 16 spokes makes all the difference. Hope this made sense, worth a try anyway.... Thanks, Keith
  4. Hi guys, First I want to apologize for not keeping the build log current with the build. I was multi- tasking by working on the wheel and rails at the same time and before I knew it the exterior was done... Anyway, let me see if I can back track a bit and make some sense of this log. Hopefully I can figure out how to sequence the photos with a description. If not I will just separate them with replies. With the hull section I wanted to show the engine room and wheel structure. I'm still deciding what I want to do with the aft compartment, I am leaning towards a bar under construction. As for the wheel, I started off with a 1 1/2" plug of Bubinga and knowing the diameter was to be 6" I started mass producing Pine spokes 2 1/4" long. Then it was just a matter of pinning the hubs to my little living room work table and gluing the 32 spokes. Once I had 2 sides of the wheel spokes done I started filling in the perimeter with 10 degree connection pieces. Once that dried I added the Bubinga connectors also 10 degree cuts. At this point I started building the wheel hanging structure to get the overall wheel length ( 7" ). Since I wanted the wheel to turn, I cut a bunch of paddles out of pine and Bubinga then glued them in a pattern that make the wheel strobe as it was turned. Worked out pretty good.... In this section I wanted to build a small theater so I set a stage and made several pews ( they were easier than actual seating..lol Keep in mind, the only tools I am using are a coping saw and a drill and I want the boat to look under construction. I'm not sure the columns are apparent but that is what they are suppose to be... With this section I have the stacks and wheelhouse . Planning on a wheel and a desk or something for this interior. As for the stacks, I have a bunch of stair pickets from my many years of home building and I just cut them apart and glue sections together to get the desired size and shape, In this case I also used some 7/8" rubber O-rings to create the weld lips which you see on this type of stack. Then the top section shows the rail system which uses 220 clear push pins with a Bubinga rail. Since the wood was too hard to just push the pins into place I had to drill the holes and then cut of 80% off of the actual pin then glue a place. Hopefully, I shed a little light on how I build these models, I never have a detailed plan. I get a picture in my head then try to make it come to life, With that kind of process things can and do change all the time, A good example was the suggestion by Patrick to show the framing. That turned into the starboard side being the ( under construction ) side, Thanks Patrick, good call.... Anyway, thank you all for your interest and once I start my next build I will try to make the log a bit more interesting. Hint: It is going to be war ship... Thanks again and everyone have a great day, Keith
  5. Hi all, Finished the exterior of my showboat, just have a couple of interiors to tighten up....This was a fun one... Thanks for looking in, Keith
  6. Thanks popeye, I really appreciate everyone's comments and likes. I have actually finished her exterior.... ... just have some interiors do figure out...... .... I will get post some progress pics soon... Thanks again, Keith
  7. Glenn, Your craftsmanship really shines through in the recent photos. The clean lines in your framing is certainly not lost on me... I find your build quite inspiring, keep up the great work... Will be watching for more, Keith
  8. Howdy guys, Went ahead and built the hull, Kinda cool that I only had to finish 1/2 of it.... . A big day today, I am starting the rail system and once that is done onto the main feature ( the wheel )... . Anyway, things are clicking along so I guess I should start thinking about my next ship/boat.... Thanks for taking a peek, Keith
  9. Hi guys, Thanks you all for the comments and likes..... I was having a hard time with the reason why the starboard side was unfinished then it occurred to me " it is still under construction ". So I went ahead and built some saw horses and now it makes sense to me... Thanks again for looking in, Keith
  10. Hi all, After finishing the cabin framing I ripped down some more pine and Bubinga for siding , trim and deck. I decided to work from the top down since each section will be removable ( I hope ). After cog noticed the height problem overall, I took a second look and eliminated the top pilothouse, then rebuilt the third story into the wheel house. Thanks cog for the input, it made for a better proportioned look... The plan now is to finish up exterior details and start on interiors such as theater which will have a carpet insert surrounded by Bubinga aisles with seating and a stage. Already started on the engine room and trying to figure out what to do with the warehouse section. Anyway, this is what I have done so far, Hopefully I can stay on track and keep this build going as intended.... Thanks again for looking in and your comments, Keith
  11. Hi Piet, I am giving your diorama an enthusiastic 2 thumbs up. Very nice work.... Will be watching for your next project, Keith
  12. Hi Keith, I use Aleene's Tacky Glue for all my model applications. Dries clear and has real good initial grab, Available at Walmart. worth a try..... regards, Keith
  13. Hi cog, I thought she looked a bit tall also, but according to the scale I'm working in the beam is 38' and the length of the hull is 142'. Not sure what the ratio should be, but that doesn't matter in my world.... . Considering she is going to be a showboat I went with 10' ceilings for the first floor ( warehouse and engine room) and the second floor theater. Then back down to 8' ceiling for the pilot house. Hopefully she will look more proportional once I add the trim and rails. I am considering lights if my furnishings are good enough to allow them..lol. I have decided to take Patricks' idea and leave the starboard side open which creates a whole bunch of extra work.... Thanks for your comments, we shall see what we shall see..... Keith
  14. Hi guys, Patrick, I hadn't planned on showing the framing, but I think the window sizes on the second story will allow a view of the frame. I am considering your idea but afraid I would have to do some interior work. Leave it to you to make me do furniture... Popeye, I plan on a 2 stacker at this point. The plan for the main stairway is to mock up a wall system and laminate the desired curves for a grand staircase. Have done many of these in real life, just not sure if the technique will work on such a small scale. We will see what happens.... Yes Mike, my design is based on the idea of a " showboat ". The fact that I design on the fly usually means anything can change at anytime. But, at this point I'm pushing on with the original idea..... Today is going to be the make or break day. The rail system will determine where I go from here. Thanks for the likes and comments guys, I really appreciate you looking in ! Keith

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