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Help with 2nd planking of Caldecraft Endeavour

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I'm at the 2nd planking stage of my Caldecraft Endeavour ship. If you look at the attached photos you can see where I have got so far.  I have still to complete the planking and do the final sanding.

I need some advice as to the best way to lay the final planks.  And how to bring the planks forward to the bow and back to the stern.  I presume drop planks/steaslers  are required, but I'm not sure how to do this?

Any advice would be very appreciated.



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The bows dont look to bad but the stern has bulkheads that dont flow and blend in with the planking hence the sharp bends that appear like ridges. The bulkheads must be well rounded on their edges top avoid this look, made that mistake my self on one of my Caldercraft builds, I was lucky to be able to correct a lot at the first planking stage.






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Hi Clogger,


Sorry I missed your earlier post but you seem to have it under control anyways and looking good so far.


As Norman says, care needs to be taken in fairing the bulkheads to avoid sharp turns.  I had a similar problem but managed to sand the first planking very thin to get the shape correct and then of course it is covered with the second layer so I dodged a bullet there.






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Hello Clogger

You mentioned drop strakes and I have shown one on the following.  Also note the difference in the planking on a model from the museum at Preble Hall and yours.  The planks below the wales taper and all run to the rabbet on the stem rather than butting into the side of other planks.  It is all a learning process.   I am curious though to know if the kit plans showed any details on laying the planking.  As mentioned earlier, there are great planking tutorials on this site that will help you as you gain experience.  Keep at it, we are ALL learning something new everyday.




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Hi Clogger,


I have enclosed a document on the planking on the Australian replica Endeavour. Probably too late for your planking, but you can see how traditional 2nd planks were run.


As Allan has mentioned, there are great planking tutorials on this site that will help you as you gain experience.

Also search on this site through the logs, and have a look at how other Endeavour builders have done there planking.


Before I do any design/building, I search to see how others have done things, decide if I will do similar, or alter for my own design.




Dave R

Bluff Bow Planking.pdf

Dave R

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post-21467-0-60596100-1461965605_thumb.jpgThanks for the help guys! appreciate the feedback.

I have looked at a lot of views of planked hulls on the internet and have seen the majority appear to have the planks below the wales butting the sides of the planks above.  Including the Endeavour replica ship! However It does appear more aesthetic if not realistic to have the planks all meeting the stem.

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