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Beefing Up Photo Etched Parts

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I've just had my first experience with photo etched parts. I'm trying to use some 3mm rigging hooks at the ends of my tackles for some carronades. They look great, but the slightest load on them will tear them. I have to wonder if they will hold up at all if I used them for general rigging.


Is there any way to strengthen these parts? If it was wood I would probably put some thin CA over them.

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Make sure that all photo-resist has been removed before trying to blacken etched parts. A solvent, such as acetone, should do the work.


On the topic of 'beefing up': I am only moderately fond of etched parts, when it comes to represent someting that in reality would have been cast or forged, particularly at larger scales. The parts just look to flat, even though their outline might be correct and quite detailed. In your case I would perhaps tin them thickly with a soldering iron. However, then you will have problems with the blackening and may have to resort to painting.

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