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Mississippi by Panama Port - OcCre - 1:80

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There are many discussions on Riverboats elsewhere so I will dispense with that here. I chose this model because I am just getting back into modelling after a few years hiatus. I wanted something a little more modern with less rigging so this fit the bill. I chose th OcCre model because I had good luck with my Albatross and liked the included detail in the kit. I very much enjoy playing poker and the casino detail of this kit was attractive.


This will not be a museum piece by any stretch of the imagination. My skills are no where close to the level of many on this site, but I do plan on having some fun with it. So here it is, warts and all.


I will post the pics when I figure out how.



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I know that it is a very long way ahead, but, when you get to it there is a removable section of the side of the boat. It is there so you can take it off to be able to get to all the cabin sides etc to remove them. The problem is that the way OcCre designed the kit, if you do it their way you cannot remove all the removable section. I came up with a cunning plan which I am happy to share. For the sake of a bit of 'licence' on two pieces of rigging rope I managed to work out a solution. I have attached some pics which might help my comment more useful but I am more than happy to try and help if you want when you get there..




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That alternate planking was quite good fun I remember and it look s like you have done a super job there. If I may make one small suggestion you might find it easier to put the wallpaper on the various room walls before you start putting them together. Not wishing to interfere just a suggestion.

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Thanks Mike, I see your point and it's a good one although I'm glad I hadn't thought of it yet. I managed to plank one wall on the wrong side as it looks almost identical front and back. Almost!!! Didn't realize until an adjacent wall was test fit. The planking was easy to replace. The wallpaper wouldn't have been.


Cobr, that's what first class gambling establishments had in the day. Don't you know.;) I refuse to help the Admiral with her decorating and now find myself doing my own. Who'd a thunk?



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I hate wallpaper!! I won't do it for the admiral and can't believe I did it for this model.  As usual the reasons became very obvious very quickly.  The first one went on quite well. I thought I might be able to do this then disaster struck. Paper stuck and I tore it to shreds trying to get it off.


Can you see it?


$30 Printer/Copier and a little creativity solved the problem.


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