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Knife handle

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Hi all

I have just received a new knife handle and am so impressed with it that I thought you would like to know about it

it is by Veritas they class it as a carving knife but I find that it is useful as my general knife handle for most operations

It will take most blades x acto or scalpel blades . Because it has an oval handle it will not roll off the bench which is a good safety feature . It is not cheap but I feel that it is worth the money



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I've had one of these Veritas knives from Lee Valley for years. Mine does not have the removable end cap, but it is the same knife. I find it to be one of my best tools. i use it and its blades for all my really delicate work. The blades (at least the ones i bought) come individually wrapped. The  reason i like them is that they are very, very sharp.


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