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Amati Vanguard Cap Rails? Help!


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Surely I'm missing something in my Amati Vanguard kit.  There should be 6 curved pieces that are part of the cap rails 2 curving from the poop deck 2 near midships, and 2 from the forecastle.  I see them installed on other Amati Vanguard build logs but I cannot find them in my kit or on the plans showing the parts.


Can someone point me where to find them in this kit?  I must be looking right past them, its quite frustrating knowing they must be there somewhere

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Hi Chris, it was the curved area on the hull below there rail.  As shown on this image I ended up making them from 5mm walnut strip (cut down to 4mm to match the laser cut pieces in the kit.  A little tricky for such a short piece, but that's what makes it fun.  I was just expecting it ti be a kit piece for some reason




 I had a two year lay-off on this model, not taking it all that seriously as I did the Pegasus - just therapeutic wood work.


Do you have any new kits underway or recently finished?  I followed Caldercraft for years waiting for them to finish the Surprise kit, I guess they just gave it up.

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Hi Glenn,


Ah, that little area. I am sure I did the same as you. With hindsight I should have added them as pre-cut parts, but the trouble with small curved parts like that, when pre-cut from thick natural wood is that they have a tendancy to break very easily. With that in mind, using a small length of scrap wood strip may be less of a headache. I usually pre-soak the strip and then manipulate the curve using my finger or pair of pliers. If it's stubbern I use heat (holding the bend over a gas hob)


I think Revenge is out, and I am sure Victory will not be too long now - although that is a monster of a model...


Nice work on your vanguard, by the way, very neat and very clean.

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