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Triton cross section by mikeaidanh - 1:48

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I mean to try this in conjunction with my HMS Cheerful. There is no Cheerful log yet but there will be soon.

I have been prevented from doing much model making recently as "life" got in the way......as it tends to do.

I look forward to gaining access to the Triton plans.


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Delighted you're in on this, Mike. I've come as far as making the first frame and the jig, but not yet posted progress as I decided I'd use the first frame as a learning exercise and might well make the same frame again as I have some burn marks on it after drum sanding. I also bought M6 bolts that were 10mm too short for the jig as I hadn't taken into account the width of the base plate!


So I look forward to your build with great pleasure as I'm sure you'll have plenty of good ideas.



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