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Freelance Rowboat by SomethingIsFishy - card

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It looks like a rowboat in my head, so that's what I'm calling it...




Picked up some cardstock and downloaded some plans to give me something to work on while I wait for my next kit to arrive, but my printer isn't working... I decided to just start cutting and gluing without plans to see what would happen. Why not??


This is what I have so far. Keel is 6 layers of card laminated together, the rest of the framing is 4 layers. I'm going to try planking with strips of card.


I intended to start from the rear and work forward, but the first frame piece ended up being too narrow. Not wanting to waste it, I decided to see if it would fit anywhere else... it did. That's why there's one frame piece (what are they called again?) out in the middle of nowhere...


This could be interesting...

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There's a great series of tutorials in the card and paper section (go to "general ship model kit discussions") that explains it all.


I'm using wood glue and weight (books stacked on top) to prevent warping.


Honestly I don't really know much about card models either. This is just an experiment for me...

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