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Help to identify vasa kit


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Hi! I came over this old kit on an online marketplace. It is being sold for 60 dollars.

Have anyone seen this kit before? Who is the manufacturer?

And would it be worth 60 dollars?

It does not look like the vasa i have seen and seems to be allot of plastic parts and stickers. But im thinking for that price it could be fun anyway. Anyone who have some thougts or knowledge of this kit?






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At first, ithought it was the old billings (dating back to the late sixties/early seveties. The kits was designed before or during thesalvation of the wreck, almost completely missing the true design of vasa.

Some googling around, i found out that it is a kit for chzeckoslovakia, also dating from that periode.

I would say thta it is perhaps fun to see whether ornot a ship van be constructed from thiese parts, but it has nothing to dowith wasa whatsoever.


(And i very much doubt whether the decals and the plastic parts can stillbe used after 50-odd years in a dusty attic.)


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My opinion


A kit. so old.

  • The decals will probably fall apart if you put them in water.
  • The plastic looks ok. But if it is from a "short run" manufacturing. then The quality will be very low.
  • You will want, or need to replace many parts (Extra cost).


You will, after much work, end up with a model which costs almost as much as a new model kit.

But with less work.


I would not do it






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I have this kit (not built it). Bought it as a kid on the Swedish post order company "Hobbex". They sold a "Sir Francis Drake Revenge" also. When I bought it it looked so different compare to the airfix plastic models I built then. But when I look at the kit today it is very clear that it is bad quality. The Revenge looked good but the Vasa kit is not even close to the original. I should say no to use 60 dollar on it but that is my opinion.

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Thanks for all the input. I will probably not buy this kit as I have already been on a rampage buying ships lately. And that, without the dragon in the house knowing about it. I dont know how i can smuggle one more ship into my storage without her noticing it. Nevertheless it was interesting to get to know more about this kit! Thanks again

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