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Rigging instructions are the worst...and I have another question.


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Hey everyone,


I am back with another rigging question.


On this portion of the rigging you can see #546 shown as two lines coming off the end of the fore sail gaff going down to stop #547, anchored through #549 and wrapping around #48a.


So here is my question: Are there really two lines?  Are they suggesting that I would have a line connecting to #48 on each side?  


The quantities on the instructions don't indicate that I would use two stops, etc.  And all the pictures in the instructions only show one side, so I can't tell if it is on both sides.


I guess I just don't know how this really worked on the ship.  Is this something that they removed from 48 and swung from side to side?  Or did they keep tension on both sides and adjust according to the wind?


Thanks for the help!


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The line in question is called a vang. It's purpose is to prevent the gaff from sagging to leeward causing the sail to twist, an inefficient shape. Vangs were rigged in pairs. The windward one would be set up to control the gaff and the leeward one slacked off. When the sail was not set, by setting up both vangs the gaff could be left "standing," not lowered. The sail could be then brailed up to the gaff and mast.


Yes, you need to rig two gangs, port and starboard.


Roger Pellett

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