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Yard arms after rat lines?


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Hi all


I am plodding along at a reasonable pace after a somewhat dismal Christmas family wise and have finally dressed my masts on my brig supply. Can I get any advice please on wether or not to attach the yard arms to the masts prior to doing rat lines or is it better to do the rat lines then attach the yards. I remember somewhere someone commenting that its easier to do the rat lines with the yards off then attach them after.


Many thanks and I will up date my picture logs soon.





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I totally agree with Nick. I did the upper shrouds and ratlines on my Niagara build, doing that on the bench and then pinned the yards. I then stepped the mast, and worked on the lower shrouds and ratlines before attaching the course yard. You want to maintain as much room to attach shrouds and ratlines as possible.

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I also agree to do the shrouds and then attach the yard. I always put a pin in the yard and a hole in the mast where it will go, the way The yard will stay in play while you rig it yo the mast. I step the mast from the deck up. I also found it very good idea to rig much of the yard while off the mast before you install. 


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I'll play Devil's Advocate here.. I've found it's easier for me to hold off on the ratlines as long as possible as many times it's easier to connect up the running rigging by reaching with my tools through the shrouds.  Ratlines would prevent that.


That being said.... whatever way you think will work best for you is the way to go.  

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