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Altsu Mendi by JimGer 947 - Talhoer/Disarmodel - Scale 1/50 - Wood & Metal

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     I have built a few wooden ship kits over the past years ,but this is my first non-sail for a while. Bought it on holiday a few weeks back , stuck it my case . Saves Postage and I tend to travel light..No Airline surcharges.


     It was surprisingly heavy ,due in part to the large amount of White metal casting.

the kits comes with 2 Booklets... One a 98 page colour step by step construction detail subscript in Spanish.


     They 2nd booklet is a comprehensive list of parts in English Spanish, French ,Italian and German. Also included is a to scale double side plan and an A4 4 page booket on mainly how to construct the steam winch,


   I hope you can see from the Thumbnails  the MDF used for the hull and part of the bridge construction...There is also a large amount of white metal for rivet detailed sides, winches etc.. which all seem flash free and cleanly cast


There are also three resin?castings for the bow , stern and the engine room casing


   The only part I can see me changing is the Funnel as it is wooden dowel.... Will try to source something better


So..all being well..as we say    "Heid doon an awa we go"










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Work Continues....

A correction to my previous post.. What I thought was MDF  for the hull and bridge construction is actually 5 mm laser cut hardboard or Masonite to our US friends.

No real problems at this stage (other of my own making)  . A little filing of the Hardboard slots ensures a snug fit for the frames.. Only slight and easily fixed problems were that the slot in frame 6 is @2 mm to long and frames 3 and 10 have been over milled by a 2 mm outboard of the deck locating stubs.

No great problem, a little packing will sort that.

Frame 11 requires TLC.  Broke mine (my fault) . I decided that it was going to fit regardless.. Exopy repaired it ok

The Plastic /Resin bow and stern are  a good fit

The false deck is aslo 3mm hardboard/masonite... A little tidying up of the locating slots give a good fit

I,ve marked the deck with the locations frames,deck structures and planked areas .

So far ...so good




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Work continues

 Started on the 2 winches as there is quite a few small parts...

Unfortunately, a few were missing or badly cast...

I dropped an email to Disarmodel and these parts were dispatched to m in a couple of days

The instructions on their building is a bit confusing and not helped by the dark colour in the instruction book.....

I followed the scale drawing supplied and the image on Page 86

Medium Superglue used as some of the parts are quite fragile

Have also started on planking the Hull and working out the run of the planking....As the wood is 8 mm wide  it,s a bit difficult...

A little touching up is still required







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Work Continues and Problems solved

(1)....Finished planking the hull and according to the instructions it then appears to be required that fibre glass resin (Cataloy??) is used to cover the entire planked hull blend in the resin bow and stern.. Not at all clear in the instructions....Since for some reason Disarmodel have included a shed load of 4 mm strip I used this to double plank the hull... Less mess Problem solved


(2)... Part 101 is the top of the Bridge deck ..The part with the ? is not listed in the instructions and can only assume that it is the base of the bridge structure. It gives a 3 mm edge around the edges..   However the ply supplied with the kit is very poor 1 mm and was badly warped. Tried to de-warp with soaking, bracing at rear etc but nothing worked. Scrapped these parts and used 3mm ply as a replacement.

      The same poor quality and warped ply was supplied for the wheel house and forward deck house. The wheel house was fabricated from ply and strip. The deck house from ply.

   I would have had to replace the wheelhouse  anyway as it scaled out at 4 feet/1.3 metres in height. The internal wheelhouse grating is supplied as a solid printed item and was  replaced . This printed grating is  supplied for an engine room vent and for the grating over the rudder arm and will replaced in due course





(3)  Funnel is supplied as 21mm dowel and the funnel support ring has a 16 mm internal diameter....filing this item to the required diameter would be difficult as the white metal supplied is quite hard and brittle..My solution was to cut the funnel at the required height and rejoin


     Progress so far   . The white metal deck railing with  are also being replaced with brass  as again they are fragile,   mismatched casting and have a fair bit of flash to remove.. As soon as you look at them they break.

     The portholes are also being replaced as they bear no resemblance to the ones shown in the booklet.. kit supplies brass grommets.Have ordered proper flanged and detailed ports










Edited by JimGer947
absolutely no computer skills . Misplaced pics etc
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Work kind of on hold for the moment....

.I have found that as work progress the cast metal bulwarks Parts 35-1 and 34-1 are the same as 34-2 and 35-2...

i.e doubles..  

Emailed Disarmodel a couple of weeks ago and a reminder last week for replacements... Hopefully will get the correct parts or I will scratch build the offending/wrong parts

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Work kind of on hold at the moment as I am still hoping to hear something back from Disarmodel with replacement parts.

3 emails with no reply and I tried their contact number with no success..

.Looks Like I,ll have to fabricate these parts. 

Bet you anything the correct parts will arrive when I finished them and installed

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