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New from upstate NY


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Hello, just want to thank everyone for the wealth of knowledge here. I just decided to give modeling a try since I don't have much work in the winter time, it seems to be a good, productive way to spend my copious free time.


I started my first build a couple weeks ago, the Corel Sirene, and reading here has been very helpful.


So far I'm almost finished with the hull, I made a few mistakes but nothing the second layer of planking and some wood filler won't fix :rolleyes:. I'm learning a ton and I'm sure next time will go much more smoothly. 


I also bought the model shipways Dapper Tom but when I got the box, the Sirene looked more interesting so I started with the harder one B), I'll have that one to tackle next.

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Hello Ian and welcome aboard,


I hope you will join us by contributing your Sirene buildlog here.
This is a great place to learn and share tips and techniques.
If needed, you'll find plenty of help, advise and encouragement from everyone. 

I wish you smooth sailing with our gallant crew.






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Just now, Jack12477 said:

Hello Ian and welcome to MSW.  What part of "Upstate NY" are you in?  I'm in the Hudson Valley.

I live a little bit outside of Albany so I guess that's the Hudson Valley too.


And I'll start a build log soon, I'm gonna wait until I finish the second layer of planking so my photos don't look too embarrassing haha. The first layer I glued them on wet to facilitate bending but then they all shrunk when they dried and there are little gaps between every plank.

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Welcome to MSW Ian! Great to have you with us! I look forward to seeing your Sirene and don't worry about posting pictures of something that looks bad, we all have those of our builds. :D  Part of the great thing about this community is that we are here to help each other and encourage learning and the continual growth of this hobby. We don't put down and insult work no matter the quality, instead we try to help improve by sharing techniques and tricks to help make things better. I look forward to seeing your build!

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