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Titanic by ArtB169 (Art Braunschweiger) - Minicraft - 1/350 - plastic - Superdetailed with PE

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Greetings -


this is not a build log per se but the website for the completed model, which has over 12 pages of build photos and explanations of what was done and how.  Plus, of course, finished model photos.  





Art Braunschweiger


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Incredible.  Truly amazing work, well done!  My cousin is a Titanic nerd, has been since he was six years old, and he recently bought the Minicraft kit but isnt a modeler, so he asked me to build it for him.  So i will definitely be referencing your build--probably exclusively!  There is no way i can come close to the level of detail you have achieved, but i want to stay as historically accurate as possible with what i have to work with, so your website is exactly what i need to make that happen.  Your hard work is very much appreciated!

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Hello Art,

On the kit hull, there appear to be nine portholes between the bottom two full hull length rows of portholes.  Are these in fact portholes, or something else? I don't see them on the TRMA sidelight diagram on your build site and  can 't see them on  photos.  I was just wondering if I should drill them out




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