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Putting script between pictures

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Hi, I have recently started my first build log, Royal William and I am finding it difficult to add script between pictures. At present I'm writing the log, I then add the relevant picture for that paragraph which I have uploaded but I can't continue with the next paragraph. To continue I have posted the log and must then start again in the reply.





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Hi Ken, I upload photo's directly from my computer photo files, and they appear along the bottom of the log entry I am making. You can do this for all the photo's you wish to include in a particular log entry.

I type in the blurb for the log, and then move the cursor below the line of print and click on the photo I wish to select which then appears in the body of the log.

Again move the cursor below the photo and begin writing again in the body of the log, and so on.


Hope this helps.



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Hey howya goin Ken mate, after you uploaded all your pics that you want in the post hover the mouse over the one you want to insert you will see a plus sign pop up in one of the corners of that pic click on the plus sign and it will add that pic to the area you are typeing your text and repeat just remember hit enter to put a gap between your text and pic.  :bird-vi:

I'm probably not going to live long enough to build all these but I'm BLOODY going to try HAHAHA.


Future Builds: The Schooner Bluenose, scale 1:48, POF Scratch Build (Gene Bodnar practicum - Plans from modelshipbuilder.com)

                       HMS Victory, scale 1:64 or 1:48, POF Scratch Build (John McKay's plans)


Current Builds: 42ft Longboat Armed for War 1834, scale 1:36 POF Scratch Build (Plans from A.N.C.R.E.) 

                        Galley Washington 1776, scale 1:48, POF Scratch Build (NRG's Plans)

                        Ragusian Carrack, scale 1:59, POB kit (MarisStella)

                        King of the Mississippi, scale 1:80, POB Kit (Artesania Latina)

                        HMS Snake 1797, 18 Gun Sloop of War, scale 1:64, POB Kit (Jotika/CalderCraft)


Current Build: Stage Coach 1848, scale 1:10, Kit (Artesania Latina) Shhh don't tell the Admins I'm building this I'll hide it here ^under this line^ so they don't see it HAHAHA.



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