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  1. Hi Mark, As I've said before just superb, something to be proud of. This has to be something of a record, two Royal Williams finished and on show within a week of each other, I doubt that it will happen again. Ken
  2. http://www.atelor.fr/

  3. http://www.healthdata.fr/

  4. http://www.tiptopprice.fr/

  5. Hi Mark, It's very obvious why your RW has taken you much longer than mine to build. The detail and finish is simply superb, a real work of crafted art to be proud of. Each time I see pictures of it I just have to sit back and admire, I'm glad that it will never be shown next to mine. Ken
  6. This is the Royal William built from a Euromodel Kit. I started in April this year, nine months of intensive, but enjoyable building. There is a detailed build log here on MSW. This could not have been built without the help of MSW members who I owe my thanks Ken
  7. Hello Everyone, FINISHED!!! The boats have been completed and are now mounted on their beams. I think that they worked out quite well and I'm glad that I made the two. The rope coils have also been placed around the deck and give it a finished look. As far as I can see RW. is now finished, I'll leave it in my workroom for a couple of weeks casting my eye over it to see if I spot anything that I need to do, I'll clean it up then when I get some decent light I'll do a photo session. I'll also put my mind to writing up my conclusion. It's been quite a journey and thanks for coming along for the ride. Ken
  8. Hi, Just a short update as to how the boats are coming along. Ken
  9. Hello Everyone, Again thanks for your likes. Welcome aboard King David, your probably the last crew member to come aboard before we're ready to sail. I think it's natural that when you can see the finishing line you put a spurt on, well that's what's happening here in my workroom. A bit more progress on the boats, the photos show how I'm doing, I've also made up and fitted their supports on the deck beams. I'm in the process of collecting all the cord off cuts and I'm starting to make up the rope coils. Ken
  10. Just a few pictures of the fitted flags, the RW's crowning glory. The first three show how the starch transforms the flags making them hang more naturaly. Ken
  11. Hi Hubac, It's difficult with modern fabrics to tell with certainty what they are but these flags I think are made from silk. Ken
  12. Hi Again, I just have to show you my first flag, I'm actually excited by it and must share the moment. I ran out of styrene strip and need to order some more so the boat build came to a stop. In the meantime I opened the packet of flags, I can only say wow! I was instantly impressed. They were wrapped around some very nice sailcloth which I didn't know was there, I'm pleased that they were rolled and not folded, it's difficult to get creases out. The flags are something else, bright, vibrantly printed on both sides not the usual one side, there are five of the best quality flags that I have seen, I just had to put one on. I used a 2mm block at the staff head, glued the flag to some thin cord, using contact glue and a small fold over the cord. To get it to hang naturally I used my wife's spray on starch, I soaked it well until it was quite limp, put some clips on the lower corner to keep it weighed down, arranged the folds then let it dry. The end result is I think a natural looking hang rather than it sticking out looking rigid. Only another four to do. Ken
  13. Hello Everyone, I've started the ships boats, a Pinnace and a Launch, I saw these resin hulls on Ebay and that's what gave me the idea of having two boats on the RW instead of the one supplied. I'm using styrene strip to make up the ribs and gunwales and wood strip for the rest. I'm going to put some decoration along their sides to match the ships decorative hull. For this I've twisted two strands of brass wire together then hammered them flat, it took a bit of experimenting but I've now got the result about right. I'll put up pictures of my boat building process so it should be self explanatory. Ken

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