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  1. Hi, Once again thanks for your likes. Next I decided to make up the large derrick that’s used to lower the ships pinnace and motor launch from the midships. The plans for this at first glance looked easy enough but they were like a Chinese puzzle, almost impossible to interpret. First problem was that the plan was not to scale and only the diameters were given, there are three different size rollers supplied but no indication as to which size went where. There is no rigging guide for it so it was difficult to understand how it would work which would have helped understand how it all fit togeth
  2. Hi. Carrying on from my last post I continued making up the stern davits. I’m getting quite a bit of soldering practice on this build and improving all the time. The davits were made up of thirteen pieces of brass rods and wire of various sizes, shaped and soldered together, again not to be painted. I won’t do the other davits just yet as I think that they would get in the way of the rigging. You will notice that I have also made and added the brass boom support. I also made and attached the reserve anchors at the stern and the lifebelts. Next week I’ll be doing the strops and tur
  3. Hi, Thanks again for those likes. This is just a short update on my progress. Only the rails at the stern to show, but progress is progress. You may notice that I've started the rear boat davit, one of many, there are eleven ships boats on board, something to look forward to building, ( or not ) Ken
  4. Hi. The build continues, this time it’s the platform that the two large pinnace sit on, a bit fiddly to make because of the round slats but no real problem. I’ve also made and fitted some small parts but these now seem not worth mentioning. I’ve attached some pictures. Ken
  5. Hello again. Progress is being made fairly quickly, this build gets addictive once into the small detailed bits. I’ve now completed the rails at the bow end and around the funnel deck and a few other bits, the forward decks are now completed. You will need to look closely at what’s been done as I’m losingo track of the sequence of, build, photo, log as I’m doing bits everywhere at once with no particular plan in mind, a bit like a mad woman’s diary. Ken
  6. Hi. Again thanks to all who gave their likes to my build, and welcome aboard Tom, Mad Dog. It’s still progressing well, here’s the result of the next session. You will know that I had built the staircases earlier, now I have glued them into place and built up their rails as well as the rails on the upper decks. I have also started to make up the brass rails around the funnel deck, you can just about see part of them in the pics, again I’m pleased with the result. I’m also still making up the smaller parts which add to its character. I have made up pike racks before but never a ri
  7. Hi. Again thanks for your many likes. Welcome Chris, thanks for taking the time to view and like my build, it really gave me a boost to have your approval. I promised a few shots of the overall state of the build so far, well the sun shone and I was able to photograph outside. The foredeck looks finished but that’s deceptive, quite a bit to do on it, even a couple more guns which I hadn’t noticed earlier on the plan. There’s the rails, some life rafts, platforms nav lights etc. After these I’ll start on the staircases so still plenty to do. Ken
  8. Hi Steve, I just thought that you might be interested in my current build Amerigo Vespucci, worth a look. Ken
  9. Hi vince, I just thought that you might be interested in my current build Amerigo Vespucci Ken
  10. Hi Mike, I just thought that you might like my current build, Amerigo Vespucci. Ken
  11. Hi Pete, Just thought that you might be interested in my current build, Amerigo Vespucci Ken
  12. Hi, I just thought that you may be interested in my current build log of Amerigo Vespucci. Ken
  13. Hi, Thanks for those likes. I’ve been busy working away on the smaller items that fit around the decks, there are a lot of them and they take a surprising amount of time given their size. There are too many to show the making of them individually but you’ll probably notice them around the deck without them being mentioned. I’ll show you the pin rails and you’ll perhaps understand the time it takes on this model of what is normally a quick and simple task. There are thirteen pin rails with a total of 68 belaying pins, each pin has its own brass roller in it
  14. Hi Dilbert, Glad to have you along again on another build, I hope you enjoy it. You’re right to spot the square, I found it in a car boot sale, most people wouldn’t know what it was, just a piece of metal, I recognised it as an engineers square and for £1 a bargain. I use it quite a lot, for 90 degree angles, as small anvil and as a flat weight. I often look out for old tools and it’s surprising at what I find to add to my hoard. Ken
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