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Drill press adapter for small bits

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There's no such thing as too many tools and those pictured above are very nice, but before those were available, I just used a plain "cheapo" pin vise (the ones without the rotating knobs on the ends, etc.) into which I chucked the bit and then just chucked the whole pin vise in my drill press chuck.  It worked like a charm.  Unless precision drilling is required, as with very small holes to be threaded or where depth and perpendicularity is critical, I usually do all small diameter drilling by hand.  I save a lot on drill bits that way!


I also made up a ring clamp holder for my Foredom hand-pieces which mounts on the tool-post of my 12" Craftsman/Atlas lathe.  The hand-pieces will accommodate fine size drill bits in collets or small chucks.  The Foredom foot pedal can keep speeds down for delicate work (avoiding broken bits) and with the hand-piece in the cross-slide on the lathe, you can drill fine work very precisely and even use it as a tool-post grinder.



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